Saturday, January 19, 2013

Blog Series!

Hey guys! I wanted to announce that I came up with an idea for my blog. You all know that I recently (as of April 2012), began rewriting my book. Before I began the rewrite, however, I picked up this book:
I know what a lot of people do when you tell them to read a book about how to craft stories. They go, "Ehh, I don't need that. I can write a story straight out of my head." Yeah, it's super hard to admit you need help. I was one of those people. I didn't think I needed help. I didn't think I needed to outline, but man...after reading this book, I realized I was doing a lot of things wrong.

Things I couldn't learn just by reading other people's books.

See, to become a better writer you do need to read. Read all sorts of things. Read in your genre, especially. Most importantly though--accept help and critiques. It hurts to realize you need help or that you might not have mastered a certain aspect of your story. That's not the point though. The point is that your story will be better if you listened to those critiques and if you took that advice.

Each Saturday, I will post a short blog about what I learned from John Truby's book and relate it to my own writing experiences. I'll demonstrate how I wasn't following this guideline and why it made my book better.

I swear, after you read this book you will NEVER read another book the same way. You will KNOW when writers outline and when they didn't. It literally changes everything.

I hope you'll stick around!


  1. Sounds great! The best book about writing I've found so far is Plot vs Character. Best blog entry on writing is How I Went from Writing 2k a Day to Writing 10k a Day by Rachel Aaron. And best video lecture on writing is by Brandon Sanderson at Write About Dragons. I recommend them all. I think each one of them saved me years of trying and failing, and many tears of frustration.

    I'll be back to check out the tips from The Anatomy of Story!

  2. Glad to see you're sticking with it! And I agree, there's always room for learning. Can't wait to see what you have to teach us from the book!

  3. Thanks for the recommendation! I've been looking for good books on writing. I got a few for Christmas, but this sounds like a good one to add to the list. :) I want to study as much as I can before I start my next novel.

  4. Sounds like a great idea and I can't wait to read what you have to share with us. I'm always up for tips/advice about the craft. (:

  5. Sounds like a fun series. You're right that writers learn the most by reading. :)

  6. this sounds wonderful! i love learning from others summarizing! thanks! i am in a writing craft book club so i will be sharing monthly...if i finish the books!

  7. Sounds like an excellent idea. I was one of those people who thought I didn't need books on writing. It's amazing how wrong I was :)