Saturday, April 30, 2011

Trilogy...oh, wait...

Well, in the beginning, I wanted three books, but I really am so sad to see my Trilogy end that I'd really love to write a fourth book. I have a few ideas for it, too. I'm just afraid that it will seem so finalized by the third book, I shouldn't add one. :/

 I suppose the decision should be made if I ever get published and depending on my popularity. lol. But, I still do not want my adventures with my pirates to end. 

By the way--is anyone excited for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides? I'm excited. I'm sad that Will and Elizabeth won't be back. :(  

Here's another thing I don't understand about the popularity of pirates--I've noticed there has been an attempt to get pirate books published, and Pirates of the Caribbean has done SO well, why doesn't anyone seem to think they can sell my book? :( 

Maybe it's just because my book isn't liked by the agents I query. UGH. 

Friday, April 29, 2011

To...My Love!

This is what I got from my Aladdin (hehe) for my birthday!! Isn't it cute?!

They're pillowcases. 


Anyways. I have two papers to write before the end of school, then I leave college for the summer and hopefully find internet so I can write/query/everything!! I just don't know how to go about getting internet where I live...cause we're super far out in the country...(I call it the forest).

Summer is bitter-sweet for me. I am excited about it because I won't have the burden of school and I can write...but it's also sad because it means a long distance relationship. Oh wells. Did it once, I can do it again!!! And write more, hopefully. Last year my job was so mentally exhausting because I literally didn't do anything, really. This time, I'll be working at the hospital (maybe) with my sister, so that'll be fun!! I'm excited. :))

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

10-year Rule

There seems to be a ten year rule for writers. Not applied to all, but most of us. It's like you have to write for 10 years or more before you get published. Luckily, I'm going on 9, so maybe my publishing time is coming?

Eh. I just have to think about little things like that to give me hope, lol. Cause the closer I get to graduation, and the more rejection letters that pile up the more scared I get.

I realize that another common occurrence is all the writers who have over 100 rejections. I'm pretty sure I'm almost to that mark. What I also want to know, is where in the world did all those agents come from?! I feel like I'm running out of people!

All my daydreaming up to this point seems ridiculous too. Don't get me wrong, I love to daydream, and I love all the naive ideas I have about my books...but reality is a bummer. :/

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Well, I had a two hour consultation today. My head hurt.
Also, finishing the final touches on this history essay.
Gonna watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail so I can write my other essay that's due.
Give a presentation tomorrow over American Sign Language.
And then write a research paper over said presentation.
Along with finishing up those internship hours. Three weeks of school left. Ugh.

I cannot wait until allll this is over so I can just write. :(

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Something non-writing-ish. Kinda.

Well, I usually don't write without music. So, I decided I'd give a list of my favorite albums. :)) YEAH.

1. Santi - The Academy Is

William Beckett is in the middle, and I love his last name. So it is the first name of one of my characters in my book. :)

2. Saosin - Saosin

Second from the left is Cove Reber. He is not longer a member of Saosin, and he is the second lead vocalist they have had...but I loved this album!! Cove is also the name of one of my favorite characters in my book.

3. All We Know versus Riot - Paramore

Yeah. I don't really have any names to pull out of this one. I can't decide which album I like best. I can't tell you the first two are my favorite, however. :)

4. From Under the Cork Tree Versus Infinity On High - Fall Out Boy

Once again, nothing to pull out from my book, but I like both these albums (their second and third). You can definitely tell a difference in them...but they're both good! 

5. Dying Is Your Latest Fashion - Escape the Fate

Ronnie is the one in the center. He made the band. The new Escape the Fate is too different for me, though I still like them...not as good. 

6. The Pride and Prejudice Soundtrack

Hehe. What can I say? I do love some instrumental music.

7. Distant Relatives - Jr. Gong & Nas

This is a goooodddd album!!!!!!!!!!

There ya go...I'd add to it...but I can't think of any more right now.

Rejection Cupcake!!

Here's my cupcakes!!

Lol! They were fun to make!! And I had a wonderful birthday!!
Despite the rejection I got on the 22nd. lol. Ugh!! I don't know what I'm going to do. :(( I wish I knew that I was on the right track so everything would be easier. Maybe I'll just make cupcakes for a living? I'm not very good at it, but  it was fun!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Today I turned 21 at 2:22 this morning. My twin turned 21 at 2:20! lol. Now, I am going to Ihop!! And then I'm gonna make cupcakes and show everyone! lol.

Here's a picture of us. lol.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Stupid technology!

So, I'll tell you what I did that I am sad about.
I was having trouble with my internet and had two queries up at once. One was the real query--the one I was saving in my drafts until it was perfect to send to the agent. The other was one I was going to send to my boyfriend so he could read it...well, since my internet was messing up, I disconnected it and reconnected it, when I did, I hit send on the wrong message. So, the agent got my query. It wasn't like it was awful, but I wanted to read through and make sure it was...almost perfect. :(

Sad day.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ambassador Cove Rowell = my favorite

Okay, before you freak out because this blog post is long, lol...I FOUND MY IRELAND PICTURES!!! My boyfriend was smart enough to save them to his computer just in case they got deleted. Smart Aladdin. hehe. Anyways. 

Warning: This post contains 4 photos & an bit of a short story I wrote over these two lovebirds. If you have the time, enjoy. :) 

I'm going to introduce you to two of my favorite characters. You can probably see their names on the pictures, but I'll state them anyways! Cove Rowell and Sara Rowell. 


Isn't she gorgeous!!? 

Now, I am not a cartoonist, thankfully I have an amazing friend, Brittiny Hines who drew these for me. These are the photos I sent her: 

Ben Barnes. :) 

Annabelle Wallis
I just love them!! Now, if you haven't guessed already, they are married. Cove is the Ambassador of an island called Arcarum. His wife is really awesome! She's pretty hardcore in the second and third books! I don't know what to really tell you about them...I'll give you the beginning of a story I wrote for them on how they met. 

Cove and Sara’s Story
Cove sat in the darkness, looking out at the after-dinner party. Men laughed with their wineglasses in their hands. Their three-piece suits free of imperfections, their hair slick to their head, and their mouths full of witty comments. Each of them had a woman at their side dressed in an always to revealing evening gown. It was a silent competition—which politician had the prettiest wife.
Cove leaned forward with his elbows on his knees and his wineglass between his hands. He had shed his tailored jacket, unbuttoned his vest and rolled up his sleeves. He wasn’t drunk, in fact, his wineglass was full and it was the first cup of the night. He was the newly crowned Ambassador of Arcarum. His father Canice Rowell, the recently murdered and buried ex-Ambassador, had caused quiet a stir for about a month after his ship was found wrecked and his body slashed to pieces.
The rumor had been that pirates had been the cause of his death but Cove had finally smashed that rumor. He couldn’t risk having he and his crew exposed for what they were—pirates. After he had dispelled the first theory, people began to accuse his crew which was now, consequently, Cove’s crew…he was still trying to crush that one.
He watched them now—Hollow, tall and lean, his lover, Jacqueline on his arm. She was pretty, with fair and sharp features. Her eyes were critical, like Hollows, and two very expressive brows were drawn above. She had blonde hair, pinned around her head in curls. She was dressed in blue and clung to Hollow like he was her last link to life. Maddox and Lennox stood in the far corner speaking to other men of the Arcarum government, Cove didn’t miss the worried glances they threw his way.
Cove was okay, he wasn’t great—his dad had just been murdered by his own people. His dad had betrayed him, sacrificing the lives of his friends and his own. Cove had been betrayed and he was now alone. The thought of going back to his empty mansion only made him angry. He looked down at his unsavory wine and frowned, knowing it wouldn’t quench his thirst. He sighed, placing the glass on the table next to him.
It was then he saw them enter discreetly: a tall man with dark hair and a fragile blond-haired woman. The man was dressed in a jet black suit, a white shirt stood out beneath his jacket and vest. His eyes were a dull, colorless, blue and by the set of his jaw, Cove guessed he was agitated. The woman was shorter than he, dressed in a red gown that wrapped around her slender but curvy body. Her skin was like ivory; her eyes were lovely, almond-shaped pools of blue. She didn’t look happy and Cove couldn’t take his eyes off her.
Cove knew the tall man, his name was Richard, a Senator of Arcarum. He was an unpleasant sort of man, very proud and very unkind. He had heard about his fiancée, the beautiful Sara Rosamund. Indeed, simple tales of her beauty did not do her justice, she was the fairest thing Cove had ever beheld and he was enchanted.
He watched her and he was overcome with a powerful burning sensation in the pit of his stomach. He tried to ignore it but the longer he stared at Sara, the hotter it burned and the higher the flame climbed. Sara kept her eyes on her feet and she didn’t speak to anyone. When she was addressed she barely smiled and Cove could see the weight of pain fall upon her. He knew she wasn’t this person, this person who seemed to be chained by her sadness. She did not deserve to be miserable.
Sara lifted her head and her blue eyes caught Cove’s gentle stare. She looked at him for a long moment as he sat still in the darkness, unknown to the rest of the party. Richard looked down at her and saw that her gaze was otherwise engaged. She quickly dropped her stare and Richard’s horrible eyes turned to Cove, they darkened and Cove noticed Richard’s hand tighten around Sara’s. He flinched, seeing her pain. 

Another thing crossed off my list...

Of things to do, that is. My list of goals...well, let's just say when you top your list with "get published" and "become a New York Bestselling Author" your goals are slow to come true.

Anyways...I digress! I finished my Kanya rap!! See post below. I messed up...laughed some, but it's over!! Also, I got an A on the spoken word I did Tuesday. YAY!
Almost over with. Our final rap, is freestyle rap battles. Cannot wait until that's over. Stress level will totally decrease. Tonight, I must finish my history paper!!! I'm determined!! As well as begin a powerpoint over the differences and similarities between learning Italian and American Sign Language.

Yay college life. However, as of May 14, 2011 at 1:20 p.m, I will be a Senior, and have one little year left of college. Ugh. general. haha.

I sent 3 queries off, and I have yet to send off more. I am trying to edit the first 50 pages of my manuscript so that it's "perfect", though we all know our stories really are never perfect. For example: I edited my entire manuscript first semester of this year. I went back to read it, found things I wanted to change. :/ Ohh. The life of a writer.

But I love it. Wish I could write more, actually. I wrote on Tuesday!! Makes me feel a warm and fuzzy. :))

For something that isn't warm and fuzzy, I'll give you two pictures of cupcakes.

Isn't this cool!??!! I'm making cupcakes for my birthday party Saturday...but they won't look like this. :( 

More like this:

Still yummy?!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gold Digger!

So, for my Hip Hop as Poetry class, I have to recite this rap. Not all of it, just the second verse....which goes like this:

Now I ain't sayin' she a gold digger (When I'm in need)But she ain't messin' wit no broke, broke (she give me money)Now I ain't sayin' she a gold digger (When I'm in need)But she ain't messin' wit no broke, broke (I gotta leave)Get down girl, go 'head get down (I gotta leave)Get down girl, go 'head get down (I gotta leave)Get down girl, go 'head get down (I gotta leave)Get down girl, go 'head

[Verse 2:][Jamie Foxx's lyrics repeated across verse]18 years, 18 yearsShe got one of yo' kids, got you for 18 yearsI know somebody payin' child support for one of his kidsHis baby momma's car crib is bigger than hisYou will see him on TV, any given SundayWin the Superbowl and drive off in a HyundaiShe was supposed to buy ya shorty Tyco with ya moneyShe went to the doctor got lipo with ya moneyShe walkin' around lookin' like Michael with ya moneyShoulda' got that insured, GEICO for ya moneeey(your money)If you ain't no punk holla' we want pre-nupWE WANT PRE-NUP!, yeahIt's something that you need to have'Cause when she leave yo' ass she gon' leave with half18 years, 18 yearsAnd on her 18th birthday, he found out it wasn't his?

I feel like...this should be easier cause everyone recites raps/songs they like? This one's catchy? lol. I recited my spoken word yesterday...the bad thing is, she's going in reverse alphabetical order, therefore I will go tomorrow. That gives me one day to learn this.

On top of this, I spent 5 hours on campus attempting my Irish History paper...I'm on the 3rd page. It's just hard to write. Good news: I worked on my book!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, enjoy this video. hahaha.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Series books/trilogies

So, I was wondering if anyone knew it was a good idea to mention to agents in your query that you have/plan to write more than one book?

In my case, I have written the second and am rewriting the third one. I was curious because I know you don't get a book deal for three books, just one, and then they see how that one does. In my case...well, it wouldn't be a good thing if my simply stood alone...that's why it doesn't, lol.

I haven't mentioned it on my query, so I'm curious as to what they think when they read my synopsis.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hours Later...

No paper...but!
I sent off two queries by snail mail. It felt weird cause the last group of agents I queried were all e-mails. You know what though? I like the idea of tearing open an envelope and discovering I MIGHT just have a chance at representation. Wishful thinking???

I have two more snail mail queries, but they require 50 pages of my manuscript each...putting that off. lol.

I also have about 3 more in my e-mail drafts...but I'm SO hesitant to send them off for a few reasons....

1.) I mean, I'm used to rejection...but ugh....
2.) My birthday is Saturday....and considering I'm used to rejection, I expect it. lol.
3.) Maybe, at some point, someone will give me something constructive!???

Anyways. It isn't that I'm not positive about my writing, but I feel if I expect rejections and receive them, I'm not disappointed, also, if I ever do get a request, I'll be pleasantly surprised!

Another Day Another Essay

Today I am watching The Fellowship of the Ring.
I'm supposed to be reading so I can write an essay for my History of Ireland class.
I love history, however, I prefer a lecture class so I can be told about the history...reading it is kinda dry.
Also, this paper must be 8-10 pages. I am no stranger to this...but UGH!!

It is unfortunate, I stopped working so that I could not stress and do all this stuff for school AND find time to write. I have not found the time to write like I wanted too, but I have found time for that's a positive.

I also went to the Zoo yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is Spot. :) He's my favorite.

Aren't they cute?!


SEALION! I didn't want to leave until we saw one!

Anyways, Armand and I got to cross off another thing from our bucket list, :)) It was so much fun! I was sad because we could not see the elephants, but that was okay cause they just has a baby girl!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Books and Black...?

Okay, I went to Hastings...I's not really a bookstore...but it has entertainment! And I was very surprised by the amount of black I saw on the shelves. I'm not dissing black, lol, but everyones books look the same!


and this one:

Does anyone else thing Twilight set off this trend? Do you guys think book covers are trends as well? Cause I definitely know that people judge books by their covers! But is there a mindset that "If this book looks like that book which is selling well, this one might too?"

Also: Anyone wanna way in on what agents mean when they want a 'bio' instead of 'query'? 

Friday, April 15, 2011


Does anyone else think it's hilarious that you must address and stamp the envelope that you more than likely will be rejected in? That said, I will probably frame the envelope and letter that gets me an agent. I like to frame things.

So, like I have told you in the past, I did go and speak to my Professor. This time about writing. Well, she couldn't help me. Is it a wonder I feel hopeless? I'll answer that -- NO. Anyways. She did look over my query letter, said it was good. She couldn't look over my synopsis, said she wasn't sure what it would need considering she only queries magazines for short stories, and since her book was submitted to University Press. She also couldn't help me with grad school, because apparently an M.A. in Creative Writing is almost pointless because they don't focus on fantasy at University. Ugh. 

So, guess what my decision was?! .....

Query, query, query. I feel as though my list will eventually diminish into nothingness. Oh well. 

Also, today is a horribly windy day, and I don't want to go to class. I will, however, I'm just sayin'. 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Today is the day!

I must rap.
I am superrr nervous!
ugh. :(
I had bad dreams alll night about today...and I woke up at 6 so nervous...I hope all this nervousness is worth it!!

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Books that appeal to your emotions -- ='(

So, when I spoke to my professor about grad school yesterday, she mentioned Twilight...cause of course, you cannot talk about books without mentioning trends! I told her about the hypocrisy that I saw between uniqueness and trends, but she said that what Agents and Publishers mean by "uniqueness" is some twist on books that are already in the trend.


Okay, so, unique has a different connotation to me. Completely. Which is, as we all know, that unique books are something new, something fresh! Not, of course, a unique thing about some book written in response to a trend.

But she's right--I know of two instances: Both Twilight by Stephenie Meyer and Wings by Aprilynne Pike deal with love triangles. *Note that I am not dissing them.

However, I'm just pointing out that these two books deal with the same type of love triangle, and were, ironically enough, taken on by the same agent--Jodi Reamer.

Another thing we talked about was why these books are so popular--and I finally get it! They appeal to deep emotions, deep fantasies that everyone (in this case, especially girls) have. And they do...they make feel a point where it's almost unbearable. This is all of our aims as writers--whether this connection is to people or the world we create...hopefully both!

So, now I give you a picture of Barbossa, Elizabeth, and, of course, Jack Sparrow!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Querying Magazines?

Everything I post is a question. lol.
So, Thursday I am supposed to go talk to my professor about queries! Excitement!
I was just curious how many of you are strictly novel writers or do you write short stories and submit them to magazines? I can't decide if I should just work on building credentials or what...that'll be a question for my professor, I suppose.

My genre changes across short stories and novels. Short stories I do not write well, therefore, I must write about "what I know"--meaning, they are more of a memoir, non-fictional type, whereas novels are completely fantasy...which I like more.

Ugh!! I don't know what to do...I'm really lost and grad school is looking so complicated at the moment, I'm deathly afraid of it. =/

So...because I am lost, and trying to find a niche, I will present you with a picture of Alice.

There is a place. Like no place on Earth. A land full of wonder, mystery, and danger! Some say to survive it: You need to be as mad as a hatter. --The Mad Hatter

Monday, April 11, 2011

Spin-offs of Pride and Prejudice?

Does anyone else think it's interesting that books continuing the story of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, or even their 'daughters' do so well?

The success of Pride and Prejudice has not been lost on contemporary novelists. Practically an entire section of any given bookstore is devoted to spin-off novels based on, or inspired by, P&P (
I haven't read any of these books, but I've seen many of them on the shelves at bookstores. I've seen this with books about Robin Hood--the Trilogy Hood, Scarlet, and Tuck by Stephen R. Lawhead. However, I understand these because Robin Hood is like King Arthur--there are already various legends about them, a few more aren't going to hurt. What I don't understand exactly, are the many spin-offs of Pride and Prejudice.

I'm not dissing them, I haven't read them, I'm sure they're super romantic and what-not...however, what separates them from Fanfiction? And what genre do they fall under? Is it like...historical fiction? I feel, almost, as if it's hypocrisy for the industry to claim they want something unique when the industry is set up for trends and things that already have a fan base. ahahaha. 

Here's a website of a list of Pride and Prejudice spin-offs.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Has anyone written had to separate their credentials from their query letter? Cause honestly, I don't have many. So, what do you think counts as credentials when querying an agent? Anything that's impressive, or things that simply pertain to writing? Would my writing classes pertain to writing? I wouldn't be saying "I'm qualified to write this book because I have taken these classes". Instead I would be saying "I've taken these writing classes--they simply add to my knowledge" .....???

Saturday, April 9, 2011



Well, that might have officially started yesterday, but mine starts today at 6 cause that's when I get off work and don't have to go back! yay!
I have a list of things to do they include:
  • Writing Arthurian Legends Paper
    • ....actually reading for this paper. haha.
  • Writing My Rap/Memorizing it
  • Studying Italian
Short list, sad thing is these things take a lot of time! :/ Oh well. Once I get them finished, I'll be a little less stressed. In the coming weeks I'll have another rap to memorize, a research paper due, another Arthurian Legends paper due, a free style battle, a presentation, and a paper due for that presentation. UGH!

No time for my own writing...which hasn't had it's own time this whole semester!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Good news---I made an A on my 14 page midterm for my Hip Hop as Poetry class! I am also writing a rap, lol.

Anyways, at the moment I am printing out query letters/saving queries into my drafts section. I must say, I am always sad when I see agencies that stop accepting unsolicited queries. :( Just another that I must cross off my list. If only I had connections!!

I am going to go talk to one of my professors about my query letters. She's has told us to come speak to her before, maybe she'll have so good advice, and then I can share it!! :))

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Too much, too much, too much!!!

Well, I lost ALL my Ireland photos apparently. I don't know how this happened. :/ They managed to not get onto my massive backup drive, any of my scan disks, and of course, nowhere on my computer. Almost 1,000 photos lost. :((

I have a few left like this one:
And some of the landscape and the beach...but man...that sucks. Ireland was the first place I went when I left Oklahoma, and it's been the only place ever since that I have visited overseas.

Anyways. I don't know how productive I have been. My to-do list is long. For starters, I should be writing a rap for my Hip Hop as Poetry class, but that hasn't happened. :/

I did print off 50 pages of my last book (on the left). I wrote 400, but I decided to rewrite. The story on the right is 100 pages of my second book which I will begin editing when school isn't so stressful. :((
I did get another rejection letter today, here is a quote from it:

"I apologize for not having better feedback for you-- sometimes it’s hard to put to words something that is just a matter of personal taste."

 So, I guess that means it's not's the agent? lol. I understand. I think this is more encouraging than most rejection letters. What do you guys think?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I am in a Hip Hop as Poetry class. It's very eye-opening. We watch documentaries about some Hip Hop artists, some are about things like The Panama Canal, but last night we watched one called Salud.  I don't know Spanish, I asked my boyfriend who is fluent, what it meant after I watched the film, Salud means health, it's used like the word "cheers"--so kind of like a "cheers to your health" phrase. Anyways. After I've explained that, I should tell you that it's about doctors in Cuba, and the Cuban health system which is pretty epic considering their economic situation. Here's some Cuba Info from wikipedia if you're interested in some more information about their healthcare.

What also struck me, however, is the fact that Cuban doctors go into other, less fortunate countries and help the people there--mainly their fight is to protect the children because their mortality rates are so low. They feel as though (although they are poor) that there is always someone out there much worse. They are so self-sacrificing. One woman left her two doctors in Cuba and went to live in Africa (on 150 dollars a month), to help those in need. Her daughters understood that she was  helping children in Africa who would not survive otherwise without her.

I didn't know this about Cuba. I know that I could never become a doctor or a nurse and help others in less fortunate countries, but I feel as though books can open a whole other world for people, and for those in countries who can read, I want to some way establish a fund for that--I guess it would be for their build schools. On doctor from a small, poor village (can't remember the name at the moment) only had a school in his village that went to the 6th grade, beyond that they had to travel miles for middle school. He said that less and less made it there, and less and less made it to University (only 2 our of his 40 classmates in 6th grade). And that's sad, because the opportunity really isn't even there because those who didn't make it to a  higher grade, had other responsibilities to their families.

Anyway. I wanted to share that with everyone. You should check out the documentary! I was excited to see it!

Monday, April 4, 2011

"He got in a fight with a table, and the table won."

So, for now I was just gonna post a link to chapter one of my book so people could read it. I used to be afraid to show people my writing, then I watched Death at a Funeral...the recent one. lol. Cause Aaron, I think, wants to be a writer, and his brother is already famous because of it....but Aaron won't let anyone read his books. How's anyone supposed to know if he's a good writer, if his books are good, if no one reads them?

Anyways, that's all for now.
Also, Italian is canceled and I can enroll for 2011 Fall semester today! yay!

Here's a picture of what I imagine Barren to look. This is Matthew Bomer.

Perhaps Kiera, Barren's wife? I told you I liked Natalie Portman. 
As a side note, both Barren and Kiera are half-elf. :)) 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Searching and searching

I've been fixing up query letters for an hour or so now. The folders I have saved on my computer are sad. I've queried so many agents. It's probably not a good thing that I started doing this so young...before my writing was very good. Kinda embarrassing. Good thing they probably don't remember me!

I hope these will generate some good news. I guess we all hope that. Otherwise, it's more school for me! 2 more years really isn't anything, my only problem is trying to figure out what my Masters degree will be in. I was thinking English Education or Library Science (only because my scholarship only allows for those options) which is fine...I just don't know which one I want. People do tell me I look like a librarian. haha.

Blah. I've always thought about grad school as a far off distant idea...but now it's just a year away and very scary. I'm not ready to face the world, it apparently isn't ready for me either. Oh wells. I have to do what I have to do.

My goals list is still as follows:
  •  Find an agent
  • Get Published
  • Be on the New York Times Bestseller List ;)
Ah, but don't we all wish for these things? Yes. Yes we do.

There's something about...

I've been wanting to actually use my twitter account, but I just can't seem to begin to use it. I did the same thing with facebook. I wanted to use it for a long time, but really didn't. Then, one day, I just started to play around. I don't feeling like twitter is the same though. I follow agents no there, and some authors, but I guess I don't understand how people interact? Is there interaction?

Also, I have been looking into self-publishing. As this...last option idea to publish my book. I've thought of a lot of ways to promote it. My friends would help me make t-shirts, and we've planned on making a video--you know the kind that announce a book? Idk if there's a term?--plus my website, blog, and facebook. We've also discussed posters, (even doing that now just to get some readership). All sorts of things! It actually makes me feel better--knowing how much we can promote it, self-publishing or not...but I feel security with an agent, and I don't with self-publishing. Also, I'm in college and have no time for my writing (barely!) muchless anything related to promoting a self-published book. Needless to say, bad move at this point.

 I still think it's amazing that people do well self-publishing! And I'd love to be one of those. :/ But I'd also love an agent who knew the market way better than me, because all I can do is research. Has anyone else considered self-publishing?

Friday, April 1, 2011

Beauty and The Beast - The End

I don't know at what point in college my roommate and I rediscovered our love for Beauty and the Beast...but the result was an Anti-virus. :/ This scene, however, was worth it! :)

New List!

Anyways. I was wondering, last year I queried an agent who requested more material from me, then rejected me because she said my first chapter didn't grab her attention enough. Since, I rewrote wanna query her again...can I do that? I was going to anyway, but I thought someone might know if it's okay.

For visual stimulation, I give you....Jasper!!! :)
Isn't he cute?