Sunday, April 24, 2011

Something non-writing-ish. Kinda.

Well, I usually don't write without music. So, I decided I'd give a list of my favorite albums. :)) YEAH.

1. Santi - The Academy Is

William Beckett is in the middle, and I love his last name. So it is the first name of one of my characters in my book. :)

2. Saosin - Saosin

Second from the left is Cove Reber. He is not longer a member of Saosin, and he is the second lead vocalist they have had...but I loved this album!! Cove is also the name of one of my favorite characters in my book.

3. All We Know versus Riot - Paramore

Yeah. I don't really have any names to pull out of this one. I can't decide which album I like best. I can't tell you the first two are my favorite, however. :)

4. From Under the Cork Tree Versus Infinity On High - Fall Out Boy

Once again, nothing to pull out from my book, but I like both these albums (their second and third). You can definitely tell a difference in them...but they're both good! 

5. Dying Is Your Latest Fashion - Escape the Fate

Ronnie is the one in the center. He made the band. The new Escape the Fate is too different for me, though I still like them...not as good. 

6. The Pride and Prejudice Soundtrack

Hehe. What can I say? I do love some instrumental music.

7. Distant Relatives - Jr. Gong & Nas

This is a goooodddd album!!!!!!!!!!

There ya go...I'd add to it...but I can't think of any more right now.

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  1. Instrumental is pretty much the only music I allow myself to listen to while writing. Lyrics can be too distracting. Background music is more what I need :D