Saturday, April 9, 2011



Well, that might have officially started yesterday, but mine starts today at 6 cause that's when I get off work and don't have to go back! yay!
I have a list of things to do they include:
  • Writing Arthurian Legends Paper
    • ....actually reading for this paper. haha.
  • Writing My Rap/Memorizing it
  • Studying Italian
Short list, sad thing is these things take a lot of time! :/ Oh well. Once I get them finished, I'll be a little less stressed. In the coming weeks I'll have another rap to memorize, a research paper due, another Arthurian Legends paper due, a free style battle, a presentation, and a paper due for that presentation. UGH!

No time for my own writing...which hasn't had it's own time this whole semester!

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