Sunday, April 3, 2011

Searching and searching

I've been fixing up query letters for an hour or so now. The folders I have saved on my computer are sad. I've queried so many agents. It's probably not a good thing that I started doing this so young...before my writing was very good. Kinda embarrassing. Good thing they probably don't remember me!

I hope these will generate some good news. I guess we all hope that. Otherwise, it's more school for me! 2 more years really isn't anything, my only problem is trying to figure out what my Masters degree will be in. I was thinking English Education or Library Science (only because my scholarship only allows for those options) which is fine...I just don't know which one I want. People do tell me I look like a librarian. haha.

Blah. I've always thought about grad school as a far off distant idea...but now it's just a year away and very scary. I'm not ready to face the world, it apparently isn't ready for me either. Oh wells. I have to do what I have to do.

My goals list is still as follows:
  •  Find an agent
  • Get Published
  • Be on the New York Times Bestseller List ;)
Ah, but don't we all wish for these things? Yes. Yes we do.


  1. Ha, yes we do wish for those things. I'd say not to worry so much about re-querying people. Might be embarrassing, but the good thing is that we've acknowledged our growth and know that there's always room for improvement. The hard thing, of course, is giving a work time to grow -_-

    Good luck with the queries!

  2. Yes, that is really hard! I used to be so impatient, and now I'm just can wait. lol. Although, it does get really scary the closer you are to graduating, as I'm sure you know better than I.