Sunday, April 17, 2011

Another Day Another Essay

Today I am watching The Fellowship of the Ring.
I'm supposed to be reading so I can write an essay for my History of Ireland class.
I love history, however, I prefer a lecture class so I can be told about the history...reading it is kinda dry.
Also, this paper must be 8-10 pages. I am no stranger to this...but UGH!!

It is unfortunate, I stopped working so that I could not stress and do all this stuff for school AND find time to write. I have not found the time to write like I wanted too, but I have found time for that's a positive.

I also went to the Zoo yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is Spot. :) He's my favorite.

Aren't they cute?!


SEALION! I didn't want to leave until we saw one!

Anyways, Armand and I got to cross off another thing from our bucket list, :)) It was so much fun! I was sad because we could not see the elephants, but that was okay cause they just has a baby girl!!

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  1. Fun! I love the zoo! I've gone every year for my birthday. Every. Single. Year. (Shh don't tell!) The giraffe is super cute :)

    And yay for LoTR, that sounds like a great way to procrastinate an essay tee hee!