Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ambassador Cove Rowell = my favorite

Okay, before you freak out because this blog post is long, lol...I FOUND MY IRELAND PICTURES!!! My boyfriend was smart enough to save them to his computer just in case they got deleted. Smart Aladdin. hehe. Anyways. 

Warning: This post contains 4 photos & an bit of a short story I wrote over these two lovebirds. If you have the time, enjoy. :) 

I'm going to introduce you to two of my favorite characters. You can probably see their names on the pictures, but I'll state them anyways! Cove Rowell and Sara Rowell. 


Isn't she gorgeous!!? 

Now, I am not a cartoonist, thankfully I have an amazing friend, Brittiny Hines who drew these for me. These are the photos I sent her: 

Ben Barnes. :) 

Annabelle Wallis
I just love them!! Now, if you haven't guessed already, they are married. Cove is the Ambassador of an island called Arcarum. His wife is really awesome! She's pretty hardcore in the second and third books! I don't know what to really tell you about them...I'll give you the beginning of a story I wrote for them on how they met. 

Cove and Sara’s Story
Cove sat in the darkness, looking out at the after-dinner party. Men laughed with their wineglasses in their hands. Their three-piece suits free of imperfections, their hair slick to their head, and their mouths full of witty comments. Each of them had a woman at their side dressed in an always to revealing evening gown. It was a silent competition—which politician had the prettiest wife.
Cove leaned forward with his elbows on his knees and his wineglass between his hands. He had shed his tailored jacket, unbuttoned his vest and rolled up his sleeves. He wasn’t drunk, in fact, his wineglass was full and it was the first cup of the night. He was the newly crowned Ambassador of Arcarum. His father Canice Rowell, the recently murdered and buried ex-Ambassador, had caused quiet a stir for about a month after his ship was found wrecked and his body slashed to pieces.
The rumor had been that pirates had been the cause of his death but Cove had finally smashed that rumor. He couldn’t risk having he and his crew exposed for what they were—pirates. After he had dispelled the first theory, people began to accuse his crew which was now, consequently, Cove’s crew…he was still trying to crush that one.
He watched them now—Hollow, tall and lean, his lover, Jacqueline on his arm. She was pretty, with fair and sharp features. Her eyes were critical, like Hollows, and two very expressive brows were drawn above. She had blonde hair, pinned around her head in curls. She was dressed in blue and clung to Hollow like he was her last link to life. Maddox and Lennox stood in the far corner speaking to other men of the Arcarum government, Cove didn’t miss the worried glances they threw his way.
Cove was okay, he wasn’t great—his dad had just been murdered by his own people. His dad had betrayed him, sacrificing the lives of his friends and his own. Cove had been betrayed and he was now alone. The thought of going back to his empty mansion only made him angry. He looked down at his unsavory wine and frowned, knowing it wouldn’t quench his thirst. He sighed, placing the glass on the table next to him.
It was then he saw them enter discreetly: a tall man with dark hair and a fragile blond-haired woman. The man was dressed in a jet black suit, a white shirt stood out beneath his jacket and vest. His eyes were a dull, colorless, blue and by the set of his jaw, Cove guessed he was agitated. The woman was shorter than he, dressed in a red gown that wrapped around her slender but curvy body. Her skin was like ivory; her eyes were lovely, almond-shaped pools of blue. She didn’t look happy and Cove couldn’t take his eyes off her.
Cove knew the tall man, his name was Richard, a Senator of Arcarum. He was an unpleasant sort of man, very proud and very unkind. He had heard about his fiancée, the beautiful Sara Rosamund. Indeed, simple tales of her beauty did not do her justice, she was the fairest thing Cove had ever beheld and he was enchanted.
He watched her and he was overcome with a powerful burning sensation in the pit of his stomach. He tried to ignore it but the longer he stared at Sara, the hotter it burned and the higher the flame climbed. Sara kept her eyes on her feet and she didn’t speak to anyone. When she was addressed she barely smiled and Cove could see the weight of pain fall upon her. He knew she wasn’t this person, this person who seemed to be chained by her sadness. She did not deserve to be miserable.
Sara lifted her head and her blue eyes caught Cove’s gentle stare. She looked at him for a long moment as he sat still in the darkness, unknown to the rest of the party. Richard looked down at her and saw that her gaze was otherwise engaged. She quickly dropped her stare and Richard’s horrible eyes turned to Cove, they darkened and Cove noticed Richard’s hand tighten around Sara’s. He flinched, seeing her pain. 


  1. I love this post, Ashley! I'm the same way w/my characters. In fact, when I first start a book, I have to look for pictures of them online and print them off. This makes them come to life for me. I'm very visual! :) Your friend is SO talented! Oh, and Ben Barnes??? What a HOTTIE. Have you seen the movie "Dorian Gray?" YUM. ;)

    I wrote a post way back in Decemember on my old blog (before I got my new agent) about who would play my characters in the book's movie version. Here it is if you'd like to see who I picked:

    BTW, thanks for the follow because it brought me here to your awesome blog. :)

  2. Oh, and yay! You're a QueryTracker girl. I was too ... still am when I have time to visit. Heh. I'm raven1.

  3. Thank you so much, Anita!!
    I'm so glad you do this to! lol. I love visuals! I love Ben Barnes! Prince Caspian, Dorian Gray! I actually haven't seen the movie yet, but it's my favorite book ever! QueryTracker is awesome! It makes me feel like I haven't run out of people to query. lol.

  4. Aww you call your boyfriend Aladdin? :D That's so cute, haha.

    I like the dinner party scene--seems very regal--but I got lost with descriptions of how everyone was beautiful, haha.

  5. Yeah, in my book, I focused on revising descriptions of people. I think my problem is, I have attempted in my life and my books to find beauty in everyone. lol. Sometimes, I just have to let it go. haha.