Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another thing crossed off my list...

Of things to do, that is. My list of goals...well, let's just say when you top your list with "get published" and "become a New York Bestselling Author" your goals are slow to come true.

Anyways...I digress! I finished my Kanya rap!! See post below. I messed up...laughed some, but it's over!! Also, I got an A on the spoken word I did Tuesday. YAY!
Almost over with. Our final rap, is freestyle rap battles. Cannot wait until that's over. Stress level will totally decrease. Tonight, I must finish my history paper!!! I'm determined!! As well as begin a powerpoint over the differences and similarities between learning Italian and American Sign Language.

Yay college life. However, as of May 14, 2011 at 1:20 p.m, I will be a Senior, and have one little year left of college. Ugh. general. haha.

I sent 3 queries off, and I have yet to send off more. I am trying to edit the first 50 pages of my manuscript so that it's "perfect", though we all know our stories really are never perfect. For example: I edited my entire manuscript first semester of this year. I went back to read it, found things I wanted to change. :/ Ohh. The life of a writer.

But I love it. Wish I could write more, actually. I wrote on Tuesday!! Makes me feel a warm and fuzzy. :))

For something that isn't warm and fuzzy, I'll give you two pictures of cupcakes.

Isn't this cool!??!! I'm making cupcakes for my birthday party Saturday...but they won't look like this. :( 

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Still yummy?!


  1. Ooh, those cupcakes look yummy!

    btw, thanks for following my blog ;)

  2. Hey!! No problem! Thanks for following me back. :))

  3. of those Mario cupcakes SO BAD!!

    Anyway good luck again with queries and that paper :D

  4. Me too!! I may attempt it, if I do, I'll post pictures! And thank you! :)) I need it! I got to page 5 of my history essay. UGH!