Friday, April 15, 2011


Does anyone else think it's hilarious that you must address and stamp the envelope that you more than likely will be rejected in? That said, I will probably frame the envelope and letter that gets me an agent. I like to frame things.

So, like I have told you in the past, I did go and speak to my Professor. This time about writing. Well, she couldn't help me. Is it a wonder I feel hopeless? I'll answer that -- NO. Anyways. She did look over my query letter, said it was good. She couldn't look over my synopsis, said she wasn't sure what it would need considering she only queries magazines for short stories, and since her book was submitted to University Press. She also couldn't help me with grad school, because apparently an M.A. in Creative Writing is almost pointless because they don't focus on fantasy at University. Ugh. 

So, guess what my decision was?! .....

Query, query, query. I feel as though my list will eventually diminish into nothingness. Oh well. 

Also, today is a horribly windy day, and I don't want to go to class. I will, however, I'm just sayin'. 


  1. Ugh there's a reason 99% of the people I query are through e-mail, haha. Back in high school, when I first started querying agents, I posted all my rejections on the wall and told myself that when I do get the letter that leads to a call that leads to an offer of representation, I'll frame it.

    Hasn't happened yet.

  2. Yeahh.....I started querying in high school, No acceptances...I had one request for 10 pages, that's all. The older you get, the more hopeless and less dream-like everything becomes. :/

  3. It's sad isn't it? It's like

    --love, Reality

  4. Keep the faith ladies. I'm 41 and still starry eyed. What good are we without dreams? :)

  5. Agreed!
    It's hard to hold onto them in college. Every time I turn around someone's telling me writing isn't a good enough career. :/ It's not like I have listened to them, I just don't know what I'll do in a year when I graduate.