Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hours Later...

No paper...but!
I sent off two queries by snail mail. It felt weird cause the last group of agents I queried were all e-mails. You know what though? I like the idea of tearing open an envelope and discovering I MIGHT just have a chance at representation. Wishful thinking???

I have two more snail mail queries, but they require 50 pages of my manuscript each...putting that off. lol.

I also have about 3 more in my e-mail drafts...but I'm SO hesitant to send them off for a few reasons....

1.) I mean, I'm used to rejection...but ugh....
2.) My birthday is Saturday....and considering I'm used to rejection, I expect it. lol.
3.) Maybe, at some point, someone will give me something constructive!???

Anyways. It isn't that I'm not positive about my writing, but I feel if I expect rejections and receive them, I'm not disappointed, also, if I ever do get a request, I'll be pleasantly surprised!


  1. Ugh, I hate seeing a new e-mail from an agent in my inbox and knowing that there's a 98% chance it's a rejection. As much as I want to open it in case it is a request for material, I still have to prepare myself for reality. I get desensitized rejection after rejection, and even requests leave me with the lingering thought, "It might not even work out."

    I haven't sent paper queries since I was sixteen, so ripping open an envelope might leave me with a different feeling. But I don't really wanna spend money on postage XD

    Anyway, happy early birthday and keep a positive attitude ('cause I sure can't, haha). Will you be drinking age?

  2. haha! Yes, I will be 21! lol. Not that big of a deal...but I do love me some wine!

    Yeah, I didn't want to pay for postage either! I mean, we're in college...that's expensive enough, lol. But I thought I'd try it! Attempt at positive attitude is go!