Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Series books/trilogies

So, I was wondering if anyone knew it was a good idea to mention to agents in your query that you have/plan to write more than one book?

In my case, I have written the second and am rewriting the third one. I was curious because I know you don't get a book deal for three books, just one, and then they see how that one does. In my case...well, it wouldn't be a good thing if my simply stood alone...that's why it doesn't, lol.

I haven't mentioned it on my query, so I'm curious as to what they think when they read my synopsis.


  1. I've read mixed feelings on this.

    On one hand, most agents want to represent an author for a career, and pitching a series almost guarantees that. It also shows that the author is more than a "one hit wonder." Plus, serials can make a lot of money. If people like the first one, they'll want to invest in the second one. The publishing houses have to take a gamble on that, though.

    On the other hand, what if the first book doesn't do so well, and the publishers give up on you, and both you and your work is lost in limbo?

    Anyway, I'll say, just to get the agents more interested in representing you, do mention that it's the first in a trilogy.

  2. Blah! I know. It's a scary thing, I think....I mean, I'd be afraid to take the risk if I was an agent/publisher...but if it's in a field that has done well in the past (since we all know things go in cycles), I don't see why it would be a particularly scary gamble? Idk!

    I think that everything will be new no matter how much research I do, and honestly, I think everyone has a different experience with things...considering agents choose books based on what they're interested in.

  3. I wonder how much agents know the stuff they love. Like, what if they come across something totally different from what they said they'd like to see, and they fall in love with it and suddenly go, "OMIGOD I WANT TO REPRESENT THIS!" *shrug*

    By the way, have you joined the Absolute Write forums? I'm getting some damn good feedback on my query.

  4. Yes, I joined, I just haven't had time to actually post anything.

    Yeah...I understand what you mean...and I think that's interesting, but honestly, I'm thinking Agents respond negatively...if it's something they haven't said they represent. I feel they wouldn't give it a chance, because they're tried of people not following their rules. But I don't know. I'm just going on how people in normal, everyday jobs like cashier..lol...react to things similar to this.