Friday, September 30, 2011

Interview with Barbara Kloss! yay!!

Today I have an interview with Barbara Kloss! Her book, Gaia's Secret is available on Amazon and Smashwords! It's a wonderful read and I CANNOT wait to read the sequel!! Visit Barbara's website, and read her book! :D 

Why did you start writing?

It was an accident, really. I always LOVED to read (seriously, I eat books for breakfast). Then my hubby said, "Why don't you try writing your own story?" I laughed. But then you know how that goes - person plants seed, and the seed has the audacity to grow and grow until it finally strangles you into submission. Well, that's sort of what happened. I'd already had all these ideas, so I started writing them down. And then I COULD. NOT. STOP. So, here we are...and they still won't leave me alone.

I love, love, love Gaia's Secret!! You know this. lol. So, how did the idea of Gaia's Secret come to you? 

THANK YOU! I'm so glad you loved it. It's a great feeling when others love your imaginary friends, too. :) Gaia's Secret just appeared one day, when I was minding my own business (which is usually how it happens). I specifically remember the idea for Gaia:  there was a particular scene that dropped into my head (it involves the image on the cover, but in the story, my MC is in a secret room). This little "globe" looked like a world on a stand, and then I saw lightning flash over one of the landmasses. I just HAD to figure out where that world was, how I could get there, why it was hidden, etc.

How did you write Gaia's Secret? Outline? Or just go after it? 

Gosh, when I started, I had no clue what I was doing and wasn't sure I'd actually finish. (I also didn't tell a soul.) I had an overall idea of things I wanted to happen and where I wanted it to end, but I mostly just wrote whatever came to mind. The first draft was TERRIBLE, but I had a draft. I did lots of research, had lots of patient betas, read everything I could get my hands on about writing stories (John Truby's Anatomy of Story is AMAZING). Gaia was rewritten about, oh, five times before I was happy with it. Now, I am definitely an outliner.

Who is your favorite character and why? :D 

This is a hard question, because there is a part of me in each of them. Right now, though, I have to go with Thad. You don't see much of him in Gaia, but he's a large part of the sequel. It's his charisma and carefree attitude that wins me over. No matter what's going on, he's got an irritating smirk on his face, and he doesn't hesitate to perpetuate awkward situations by making not-so-subtle comments at anyones expense. He's already called out the elephant in the room before anyone has even entered the room. Everything - and everyone - is fair game to him. It's not that I think this particular character trait is a good thing, but he has a confidence that comes from deep inside himself and isn't affected by other peoples' opinions. He also makes me laugh all the time, so I've learned a lot from him about not taking myself too seriously. He's good for me (and my MC). :)

Why did you decide to self-publish? 

That decision took some time. But after attending writers' conferences and workshops, and then getting feedback from agents saying they didn't think they could sell GAIA, I decided to publish it myself. And it's been amazing, being so intimately involved with every aspect of publishing and having control over every element - I would do it again in heartbeat! The part about self-publishing that's surprised me has been the response from all my friends and family. Really, to see how much other people believe in your story to the point where they, on their own accord, are advertising and promoting it for you - it's been incredible!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Blog Award! Whoo!

The most wonderful and lovely Caitlin Vincent had given me a blog award!! Like her, I have had a wonderful day: I found out I will officially graduate in May, I read a wonderful book, and I got this lovely award.

So I give 7 links for the descriptions in bold! Whoo!!

Most Beautiful: Tiger in the Snow

Perhaps? I try to inspire peeps. :D Not sure how well I do just writing these blogs, but hey! I try. haha.

Most Helpful: Technology Traps

I like to think this was helpful. And that I am helpful. LOL.

Most Popular: Spin-offs of Pride and Prejudice

Yeah...this could go under Most Surprisingly Successful as well...but not many commented, so Idk...but it has the most views. LOL. I am totally shocked, but I suppose it has a interesting title. I was merely curious as to why there are so many and what others thought. haha.

Most Controversial: Perfect Imperfection

I say this because it was said I didn't pay enough attention to the affects men have on women's body image. My counterargument would be that if women say men are at fault for our body image...then we are giving ourselves excuses. Also, if men are at fault for the way women attempt to live up to false ideals, why do they dislike when we wear makeup? When we don't like ourselves? Yes, some men are at fault for this...however, women are just as much to blame. We did start beauty salons, began makeup companies, and so on and so forth. Bottom line: I do not blame men for my self-consciouness. I blame the enviorment I grew up in. Now. You can disagree...and that's fine...but I have my reasons. lol. I also respect the opinions given very much.

Most Surprisingly Successful: Inspiration Mondays: J.R.R. Tolkien

I'm sure there were others, I just didn't expect interest. LOL. I was glad everyone got to see how crazy-obsessed I was with Tolkien. hehe.

Most Underrated:  I See Stars...

Idk...I just need one for this. Also, I think it's not reading-worthy cause the font is small and close together. But I thought it was funny. It was probably the bat. hehe.

Most Pride-worthy: Cute Owl OMG

Judge for yourself! SOOO CUTE! UGH!

Now, I pass this to 7 peeps. I'm the worst at notifying you...but I will!! (*disclaimer: college kids*, right?) haha.

Barbara Kloss - She's my newest bestest writer friend. I'm obsessed with her book. NO JOKE. Read it. PWEASE!!

Cynthia Willis  - Her blogs are SO wonderful! If you aren't following her, you should. Everything she posts is helpful!

Shain Brown - This blog has just the right kind of mixture. I enjoy all the posts. It also wonderful for me to be introduced to a Paranormal author!

A.M Supinger - Newest blog follwering/follower. She has the most clever, cutest blog every! She's SOOOO clever!! Omg.

Michelle Moloney - She is a teacher! She has wonderful guest bloggers, as well as interesting, thoughtful posts. You will always learn something if you visit!!

Lola - I enjoy the stories she has! She's a wonderful and funny writer!

Jessie B. Tyson - She's a new blogger friend! Her book is coming out soon it's called "White Heaven Women"! She writers Paranormal Fiction!! And just like Shain, it's wonderful to be introduced to another Paranormal writer!!

Okay..not supposed to be here on Thursdays..but it happened.

Also..another award I've been meaning to post is from Derek Flynn. I've mentioned him before in a Spotlight blog and hope to have him as a guest poster on my blog soon! His music and his writing is SO wonderful! CHECK OUT THIS BLOG!!

Anyways, the award he gave me was...well, I'm not sure what it involved except facts. LOL. He listed 7, and I've talked about I'll tell you about my new book SOULLESS.

1. They call Sia 'Soulless' because she hates all blood elves and murders them without question.
2. She has reason, however. She is the last of her race because of them. They waged war against the Arethia, and she is getting revenge.
3. There are 3 princes of the Blood Elf Kingdom (this is important): Caiseal, Aran, and North. (yeah...I don't get the last one...but I swear that's what the character said his name was!!) That's in youngest to oldest order.
4. I wrote most of what the book is in Art History
5. There is a fairy kingdom called Talithia that Sia calls her home.
6. Dragon and Symphony are king and queen.
7. These Fairies are human-sized and have GIANT, beautiful wings.

Well, there ya go!

I'm supposed to give this to 2 peeps and they are:

Overdue: Talking in the Library
The Many Colours of Happiness


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I See Stars...

For this writing segment, I'm going to tell you a story :)

"Let's watch the stars tonight," said Aladdin.
"Okay, sounds fun," I said. Thinking watching the stars would be easy. What could be involved but merely looking up?
When night fell, Aladdin pulled out the ladder and dragged it to the house. Sitting it against the edge of the house, he began climbing up.
"I used to climb onto the roof and do my homework at night and watch he stars," he said.
Nevermind that I didn't see how he could actually see his homework...although there was a foggy street light near. I climbed up behind him. Getting on the roof wasn't bad, although I was a little surprised by how sharply the roof fell. We laid on our backs and watched the stars. There was lightening in the distance, and clouds were moving it, but it only added to the beauty of the sky.
It was beautiful...and then out of nowhere, three bats began to fly in circles above us.
"Those are bats," I told Aladdin.
"No they're not, they're birds," he said.
"Those are bats," I said. "They're gonna land on us. Look at that one, he keeps moving toward us."
And he did! He circled above us and kept coming closer and closer. The other two must have gotten tired of us because they flew away, but the other just flew around is dizzy circles...around and around...closer and closer. I was so occupied with this bat, I couldn't look anywhere else. He was gonna land on me and bite me. I knew it!
"Let's get down," I said.
"That bat is too close. He wants to eat us. I know it."
Aladdin laughed, but agreed to get off the roof. He, being a lot taller than me, easliy stepped on the ladder and waited for me, but when I put my legs over the edge of the roof, I couldn't feel the ladder beneath my feet and I froze. My heart was racing and I just knew if I tried to find the ladder's step, I'd miss it and fall to the ground.
I did the reasonable thing and freaked out.
"It's okay, I'm not going to let you fall. The step is right here."
For some reason, I didn't trust that the step would be there. All I could see was darkness and I could not feel anything!
It felt like I was on that roof for hours. Nevermind the creepy bat above my head. When I finally got down. I felt really stupid, but I had been so afraid before I was just happy to be down!

Now, when I think of this, I always laugh cause this really did happen to me. And this is reality. I thought of how sweet Aladdin had been to suggest something almost...fictional. Something you really would read about in books. It would have ended differently--the beginning would have been the beginning of a romance for a couple, whereas this is the on-going romance of a year and a  half of course it would have ended with my fright and fear of bats/heights.

When he was suggesting this, I thought 'Oh, I could use this in a book!' and I probably will...and I probably won't mention the part about the fear of bats/heights...because that is my reality, not my characters. It's interesting how we draw from our experiences and find outselves giving our characters characteristics unique to us, or characteristics unique to a friend, or instances we've experienced something very sweet, or something very horrible. It doesn't matter what it is, at some point, someone is going read an excerpt of your life in your novels--no matter romance, paranormal, fantasy, or sci/fi.

I enjoyed remembering this instance in my life, and I hope you guys were entertained, lol!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Guest Blog: Kellianne Sweeney

Today I am very excited to have the wonderful and talented Kellianne Sweeney guest post on my blog! She hasn't had a blog for very long, but she has wonderful, thoughtful posts I simply adore! Make sure to check out her blog (the link is at the bottom) and follow this wonderful writer. 

Hello, I am Kellianne Sweeney and I am honored that Ashley has asked me to guest blog. I find Ashley to be a bright and enthusiastic writer and I am glad to have met her. We both share a love of the written word. A few weeks ago Ashley shared her five most inspirational sources on her blog. She also challenged a few of us to do the same. My guest post seemed to be the perfect place to address this.

What Inspires Me?
1- A Sunny Day  This may sound over simplified, but stop for a moment to consider this. Don’t you find that you have a little more kick in your step when you begin your day walking out into the sunlight? I find that I am very weather sensitive, so a sunny day, especially if I happen to be at the beach, greatly inspires me to be positive. On the flip side, when the weather is cold or rainy, I find my motivation to be a tad soggy as well.

2-Creativity  I consider creativity to be rising above the mundane and letting imagination reign. This greatly inspires me. My creative dabbling resides in the areas of writing, art, and acting. This is by no means a complete list of creative pursuits. The word creativity encompasses a great many genres. My inspiration from creativity is derived from witnessing other people’s creative ventures and participating in my own. It is wonderful how creativity builds on the ideas of multiple people. I believe creativity is what makes life three dimensional.

3-History  History inspires me because of its’ endless lessons. Sometimes I think we forget that whatever we are going through, it has been done before. This thought is similar to how teenagers seem to think that parents have never been teenagers before. People have always been people. Granted, our technology has continued to grow over time, but the basic human spirit is the same. There is an incredible amount of wisdom and inspiration to be derived by looking back at the multitudes of people who have lived and died before us.

4- Children  Children inspire me because of their uncomplicated sense of wonder, their pure joy in the little things, and their freshness and energy. Their spirit is unburdened by the cares of the world just yet. Of course all children have their bratty moments, but even as adults we have those too! I believe that it behooves us to try to keep our spirit childlike. I have been a Kindergarten teacher for many years and have learned to cherish and nurture their idealistic nature. It keeps me young at heart to embrace a child’s philosophy. I have certainly had my share of bumps and bruises along my life’s path. Our inner child may be hiding, but it is still there. Many times it pops up when you least expect it. We must make a safe place for it instead of squelching it or allowing it to be forlorn. This is not an easy task with so many responsibilities and disappointments, but it is worth it. Nurturing your inner child will make you a happier person.

5- Adversity  I know it seems odd to say that adversity is an inspiration to me. More specifically, the overcoming of adversity is what is inspiring to me. When you are faced with difficult situations you are forced to stretch and grow into a bigger person. You take these lessons and apply them to your future, and hopefully, to assist someone else. Some knowledge and inspiration comes with pain and price, but to be able to get up off of your butt and keep walking onward with new understanding is inspiring for yourself and for others that have watched your struggle.
I thank Ashley for putting this question to me and allowing me to blog about it. It surprises me that I have never asked myself this question before, but I have not until today. I wish you all quality time with your own inspirations!

You can find more of my ramblings on my blog at

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Technology Traps

I'm not one to give advice on 'how to keep writers from getting distracted' but that's what I'm gonna try to do. :D

I wish getting away from my writing were this easy. It's not. I struggle with it more so because I live at an apartment complex with wifi. This means constant distractions. 

You sit down at your computer. 
Open word document/WIP ect. 
Open Twitter/Facebook/E-mail 
Look at work document
Look at Twitter...spend an hour tweeting.
Look at Facebook...spend more hours look for things to do even though you know nothing has changed since a millisecond ago. 
Check E-mail...over and over again...for no reason. 
You're sleepy. 

No writing is done. 

Okay, well, I do this ALL THE TIME. I mean...ALL THE TIME. I wish I didn't and I know I'm doing it. But you know what they say...the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Well, I do. This is how I plan to get over it...and how it's worked for me in the past. *before the cataclysm called college happened*

Ashley's Tips: (heee)

1. Listen to music. 

And use headphones/earbuds/ something you can stick in your ears to act as an earplug. I don't know if everyone can think clearly with music, but it definitely helps me out. This way, I'm not distracted by what's going on outside. 

2. Write somewhere comfy. 

Yes, this is my bed. lol. Yes it's unmade. I hardly make my bed...oddly enough, sometimes I cannot write on it if it's unmade...just depends on how I'm feeling. Anyways. Idk about you guys but I hate the hard plastic chair they gave us to sit in at our desks. So this is where...I write. lol. 

3. Remind yourself why you love to write:

I'm certain we all read. I'm certain when we read, we're filled with a new passion to write. Recently I'v ran into this problem....I go to the bookstore, searching for the books I once loved and cannot find anything like it...maybe cause there isn't anything like it...maybe because I'm so busy with college, I just don't have to time to be careful about what I read. Anyways...I realized that if I found books I was passionate about, it would fuel my love for writing. 

4. CLOSE ALL WINDOWS THAT INVOLVE THE INTERNET (unless you need references, research, ect.) 
I found over the summer when I had no internet, it was so much easier to write. If you can go to a place with no wifi, that's probably a good idea. Until you get a word count for the day you are satisfied with. 

5. Put these into practice! 

LOL. Idk who this lady is, but isn't she wonderful? hehe. 
I know it's hard to actually get in the habit of doing say I'm gonna write for 10 minutes everyday and work my way up...but honestly, there's no way to do this unless my full-time job was writing. At the moment, I have a full-time job as a student...and maybe soon-to-be-graduate student. :/ But, if I do these things when I DO sit down to write, I can actually accomplish something!

I hope you guys enjoyed this!! :D 

Now that I told you to stay away from facebook, I want you to go there now and look at my Arthur Page!  Just like me! Then RUN AWAY!

Love you guys!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Inspiration Mondays: J.R.R. Tolkien

Do we all know by now that I am the biggest J.R.R. Tolkien fan alive? Let me put this into perspective for you:

  • I decorated my room in LotR themed things. I painted the Elvish "One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them" as a boarder around my room. 
  • I painted the door of Moria on my wall. It was pretty epic. 
  • My walls were gray, like the walls of Helms Deep.
  • My bedding looked 'Elfish' to me. 
  • Posters of LotR were EVERYWHERE. 
  • I watched The Two Towers everyday after school for a month.
  • I reread and reread the book, carried it with me everywhere. Once I also lost it, and I cried. :/ 
  • I would braid my hair like Legolas's.

  • I was a member of I was a member of the Realm of Vana; A Realm Leader and a Realm Head. 
I'm sure what else I did that was associated with The Lord of the Rings, but the most important thing it did--It immersed me into the world of Middle Earth, and I yearned so badly to be a part of that world, I began to write my own story. 

I don't remember it being hard, but I remember how oddly it seemed to sit at the computer and think about a story I wanted to write. My friends once made fun of me because they felt my stories were like LotR's Fanfiction, however...when you're not used to writing, how else are you going to begin? You have to start with what you know. And I knew a world that was completely made up, a world with made up races, with a map, with a history so vast it could be real!

So that's where I started and now I'm here today: I never write within my world. I can't. I never thought about it before, but there's a reason for that--look at how I began. Writing within my world would be foreign to me, no matter how ironic that is. 

How did everyone else begin writing? Was it a book that motivated you? Or did you just wake up one morning and write? 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Scheduling the Blog!

Yep, that is right. I figure I should put myself on a schedule for mia blog. (idk Italian for blog).
Here's what I was thinking:

Mondays: Inspiration Mondays 
Wednesday: Writing Days
Friday: Spotlight Blog/Guest Posts

Like? I do! I hope you guys do too!

Oh, and with the exception of the 22nd of September (a Thursday). I will post about Hobbit Day. Cause I love Tolkien!!! :D


Not really! J/K!

*clears throat* - Now, GUESS WHAT I'M EXCITED ABOUT!?!?!?!


Why am I so excited about this? Well, I've always loved The Three Musketeers. And I really, REALLY loved the fight scenes in The Musketeer. Talk about amazing. I mean...I wish I could write those scenes. They're so tense!!

Yeahh. Anyways. I am SO EXCITED! Cause I've seen the trailer and it looks hardcore too!

CLICK ON THIS LINK...and see the trailer!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Writing Advise: Trouble Editing?

I ran into a problem. I don't like editing. I never have, though. For the past couple of years, I really haven't been able to touch my book. I feel like I've been neglecting it since Sophomore year. I didn't read it my second or third year of college. My Sophomore year I tried to write my third book Cannon. Needless to say, I did write it--400 pages worth...that I'm COMPLETELY rewriting...not yet, but at some point.

You guys know over the summer I presented my query and asked for help. I got so many wonderful responses and help and finally think I have a query I love. I just need agents to love it too. Also, while rewriting my query, I rewrote the first five chapters of my book. I love that too, now. I still feel tired of my book though.

I say that. I say, "I hate you!"
But my friend said, "You say you hate it, but you really don't."

And I don't. I think the reason I'm so stressed about whether or not I like my book is because I want it to be perfect, but I haven't been able to read it in forever, and I don't know if I have the motivation for that.

I asked my professor about this. (Her name is Honoree Jeffers, you can google her and read her poetry. She's wonderful). She said put it aside for 2 years. She warned me I wouldn't like her advise.

I agree with her. I think I should put it aside, problem is, I feel like I have put it aside for 2 years. lol. She said work on something new. Which I have been doing recently. However, school and writing is very hard to balance.

She also, however, gave more advise on writing and school. She said get up earlier because you're still in that 'dream-like' state and your thoughts will flow faster. She also said get up around the same time to do this.

I need to try this and be dedicated to it.

What about everyone else? Have you guys found you have trouble editing? What do you think the reason is for?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Today I found something amazing!

Well, in my opinion, it was amazing.

Blind/Deaf Shelter Dogs

Go ahead and click on the link! I was so happy I did! See, this really hits home with me because my boyfriend's parents are deaf. I've seen the way people react to deaf people, they either think they're rude, or they aren't as smart as the hearing, when nothing in their lifestyle is different except the fact that they cannot hear.

Sometimes, I think it would be better to be deaf--I think this lifestyle makes you more patient, more caring, more accepting of others. I also have this incredible fascination with sign language, I wish I knew it well. I'm not very good yet, but I hope I will be someday! Deaf communities are really amazing, too and so close-knit! It's like a family.

Anyways, the point is, these doggies and kitties are exactly that--doggies and kitties. They are the same as any other dog. Deaf doggies and kitties can learn sign language too--just like babies can learn sign language and communicate with you before they speak. I think that's amazing, don't you?

My boyfriend and I are going to check into adopting a deaf dog or cat. I'm very excited to have this opportunity! I hope you guys will share this link, or at least think differently about these perfectly beautiful, wonderful animals. I think this is a wonderful organization, and until today, though I know of the deaf community, I hadn't considered how endangering deafness could be to an animal. It really isn't fair for them to lose their life just because they have to communicate differently.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Ideas and Blog Award!!

Let's see, what to begin with first...

The lovely Charlotte from Charlotte On The Web (so clever!) gave me a wonderful, very sweet (literally) blog award!


So, I think we're all kinda 'ehhh...' on the things about me thing by now, so I'm gonna ask my character, Leaf Tinavin some questions...(he can be grumpy).

Me: So, seven questions for the Elf!

Leaf: *Annoyed stare*

Me: You're not one for hiding how you feel, are you...anyways....Let's see. What kind of Elf are you?

Leaf: In the Orient there aren't any particular race of Elves. We're all just that--Elves. Once, a long time ago, there were difference races of Elves, but at this point, we're a dying race. We stay on our island and don't usually bother with the world. If you really wanted an answer, I'd have to say I was descended from a line of water elves...hence my occupation.

Me: Which is piracy, but you are also a Prince. How do you handle both extremes?

Leaf: My occupation as a pirate has helped my race out immensely. I'd tell you how, but you probably don't want to ruin the ending of your book.

Me: Right. Well...what's your favorite weapon and why?

Leaf: It all depends on who I'm fighting. I've saved a lot of lives with my bow, and it works pretty well at sea, however, there is nothing like a good sword fight.

Me: Cool! So, between you and me, in a match between Barren and Cove, who would win?

Leaf: That's difficult. They'd probably tire each other out...I'd say they'd both lose.

Me: You're a real friend, you know that? That's not a question BTW!

Leaf: You're cheating.

Me: *ignoring the Elf while scanning my list of questions* I've always wondered what your favorite color was. You always wear green.

Leaf: I like green. Green is good.

Me: Helpful...helpful stuff. Okay, If you could live in any castle in The Orient, where would you live?

Leaf: My own in Aurum. I did not fight a war just to leave it vacant.

Me: But you're always sailing, you leave it vacant all the time!

Leaf: That's not by choice! The sea calls me. You wouldn't understand.

Me: Try me!

Leaf: You know what piracy is like? It's not about the plunder, treasure, taking lives--that's...that's what  people want to see...and they started to view us as criminals. It's about adventure, it's a passion, a love for the sea that's unending. We are born with this, and to ignore it is to go mad...

Me: *unsure of what to do now that Leaf had his moment*

That probably wasn't seven questions, but Leaf get's impatient! *crosses arms*.

Now, I'll pass this sweet thing on to 5 new followers!

Shain Brown
Julius Cicero (epic name!!)
Krystal Wade
Blaire Kensley
Michelle Moloney-King

Check out these wonderful blogs! Please. lol.

Now, I've decided to begin this thing called Inspiration Mondays, basically it will be a collage of quotes, photos, videos, whatever is inspiring to me (and hopefully to you). I'm very excited to begin this! And I think we all need a little extra boost on Mondays as it is. I hope you'll stop by and see them!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Warning: This Is A Depressing Post

One thing I have realized is that I am not good at writing tips. If I even so much as THINK about how to write or the technical aspects of writing, I cannot do it.

That's how I feel anyway.

Why do I say this about  myself? Well, when I came to college I decided to major in English Writing. Why? If you major in Professional Writing at the University of Oklahoma (I don't know if this is the case for all colleges), you have to go through the college of journalism...and well, I wasn't prepared for that so I didn't even try. Also, no one really likes fantasy authors...though I find they are always the ones who hit it big! Anyways. I am an English Writing major...what does that mean? It means mostly that I have to focus my skills on Scholarly Writing.


Keep in mind, this is my fourth year at this major. The first semester went well. Perfect! I was the only kid who knew what Pathos, Logos, and Ethos was. Yay me. Next semester I took what's called Expository Writing. It's supposed to be focused on an area of interest so you don't lose interest. Right. I took Modern Monsters. I had a wonderful teacher...but I had to focus on how to write and then I couldn't write anymore. Writing became SO diffcult to me because suddenly I was faced with questions about my writing, told things weren't quite good enough, and I lost all hope.

Then I realized it's all subjective and it's probably harder to be an English Major than any other major. At least in Math you either have the answer or you don't. Everything I do is based completely on what my Prof likes. I've gone to 3 Profs for info on Grad School, they all tell me it's pointless to major in Creative Writing since I'm a fantasy writer. I've been told I shouldn't go into English Education because I'm not scholarly.

Yeah. I'm feeling the love.

I just wanna scream 'I'm a good writer!!!...........I think..."

At the end of the day, I don't know anymore. I look at my book and think 'You were great once' I remember editing it and laughing at the cunning humor of my characters. I was so passionately in love with my novel, nothing could keep me away from it. Now I'm almost afraid of it. I keep rereading my query, wanting it to be perfect, but I don't know what perfect is...I think that's subjective too.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Inspiration Meme

I have decided to start something. Idk what it is? A meme, I suppose! Therefore I will dub this the Inspiration Meme!

When I hit 100 Followers, I wanted to do something fun. I just couldn't quite think of what it was. Now I have. I ALWAYS talk about inspiring things, or rather, things that inspire me and hope in some way I can inspire all of you!

Here are the rules:

1. Acknowledge who tagged you on your blog.
2. List 5 things that inspire you. It can be pictures, a video, anything! :D
3. I'm thinking the limit can range from 1-10. So tag within this range, anyone who inspires you! We want to spread this creativity and inspiration, don't we? YES!!!
4. And of course, tell those wonderful inspiring people who they are!

So, here are my 5 inspiring things:

1. My Daddy. :)

My Daddy has full faith in me. He believes in everything I do. 

2. A Fine Frenzy - Blow Away 

I recently found this and I loved it! So now I just listen to it over and over again. lol. 

3. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien 

I could never forget what inspired me to write. J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Ring finally game me something I wanted to write--Fantasy. 

4. Travel 

Did you know before going to Ireland, I didn't exactly know how to write about the ocean? I swam in this water. It was SOOO cold! But so worth it. 

5. My Followers. :) 

All of you make me so happy. And you motivate me beyond belief to do what I love. I couldn't ask for more! 

Now, I will tag peeps!! 

Yay!! I can't wait to see what inspires everyone!! 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Monster Inside Me

It is so strange to begin a new book--away from characters I've been with for years. Not even kidding. You all know about my lovely pirates. Well, you know about one book Cutlass. The others you'll not really know much about until I find an agent/get published and such--but they are called Flintlock and Cannon. I have been in the swashbuckling world for so long, I began to think all I could write was pirates, politics, and sea-faring adventure. I considered writing a fourth book...fearing to leave my pirates.

Then this idea comes along out of nowhere and hits me. And all these characters are talking and carrying on in my head and the only thing I can do to keep them quite is write what they're saying, but this is a SAD story. I mean, my characters have been through some tough stuff, but never this. It calls into questions sooo many morals.

You see, Sia's entire race has basically been decimated. She was saved, only to live a vengeful life killing any type of Blood Elf crossing her path--I mean NO mercy! I was so shocked--no mercy for woman or child. She's angry, I understand. She's alone, she's hurt, she's psychologically scarred...but is she right? I mean...I pretty much know what's going to happen, but as I go along with this character, hearing her story and seeing her choices, I know there's an ounce of humanity, but I can't believe she's manifested within my mind.

She's the main character, but she's a savior, but a villain -- I can tell the challenge for her will be how she's going to change. It will have to be a slow process. I can't say that I will be a challenge for me to write it--though it seems so--but I know somehow it's gonna work out, Sia's story will develop beautifully because she's telling it, not me.

I really haven't found anyone who looks like her yet...still on the search! But once I find someone, I'll post a picture. Although, I think Tamzin Merchant comes pretty close except brown hair!

Ciao, Ashley

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Most Random Blog Post Ever!

First - Blogger's changed and it's weird!!

Secondly, most of you noticed, but I got a haircut! I really like it, I have K.V. Briar hair. lol.

And I look older, I feel. 

Okay, now it's story time. 
My roommate, a fabulous fashionable woman, and lover of all things cute, was away in New York. When she came back, the apartment was pretty much decorated. We were in need of a few a toaster. One evening after school, I walk into the kitchen and this is what I see. 

Yes, a hello kitty toaster. Yes, it is cute. Not my taste, really, but hey...
Well, I decided I'd live with the toaster for a little while. Well, one day I went to make toast and when they popped up they weren't really toasted. (Aladdin doesn't like black spots on his toast), so I put the toast down a second time.


Aladdin didn't seem to believe me, so he did this:

BTW - he set off the fire alarm. 

As you can see, there is hello kitty's face!!

I learned a valuable lesson--this is how they put Jesus's face on toast! They simply have a Jesus toaster. 

Ahaha. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my revelation. lol.

Later I'll be posting about this new book I'm writing.

Ciao, Ashley