Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Technology Traps

I'm not one to give advice on 'how to keep writers from getting distracted' but that's what I'm gonna try to do. :D

I wish getting away from my writing were this easy. It's not. I struggle with it more so because I live at an apartment complex with wifi. This means constant distractions. 

You sit down at your computer. 
Open word document/WIP ect. 
Open Twitter/Facebook/E-mail 
Look at work document
Look at Twitter...spend an hour tweeting.
Look at Facebook...spend more hours look for things to do even though you know nothing has changed since a millisecond ago. 
Check E-mail...over and over again...for no reason. 
You're sleepy. 

No writing is done. 

Okay, well, I do this ALL THE TIME. I mean...ALL THE TIME. I wish I didn't and I know I'm doing it. But you know what they say...the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Well, I do. This is how I plan to get over it...and how it's worked for me in the past. *before the cataclysm called college happened*

Ashley's Tips: (heee)

1. Listen to music. 

And use headphones/earbuds/ something you can stick in your ears to act as an earplug. I don't know if everyone can think clearly with music, but it definitely helps me out. This way, I'm not distracted by what's going on outside. 

2. Write somewhere comfy. 

Yes, this is my bed. lol. Yes it's unmade. I hardly make my bed...oddly enough, sometimes I cannot write on it if it's unmade...just depends on how I'm feeling. Anyways. Idk about you guys but I hate the hard plastic chair they gave us to sit in at our desks. So this is where...I write. lol. 

3. Remind yourself why you love to write:

I'm certain we all read. I'm certain when we read, we're filled with a new passion to write. Recently I'v ran into this problem....I go to the bookstore, searching for the books I once loved and cannot find anything like it...maybe cause there isn't anything like it...maybe because I'm so busy with college, I just don't have to time to be careful about what I read. Anyways...I realized that if I found books I was passionate about, it would fuel my love for writing. 

4. CLOSE ALL WINDOWS THAT INVOLVE THE INTERNET (unless you need references, research, ect.) 
I found over the summer when I had no internet, it was so much easier to write. If you can go to a place with no wifi, that's probably a good idea. Until you get a word count for the day you are satisfied with. 

5. Put these into practice! 

LOL. Idk who this lady is, but isn't she wonderful? hehe. 
I know it's hard to actually get in the habit of doing say I'm gonna write for 10 minutes everyday and work my way up...but honestly, there's no way to do this unless my full-time job was writing. At the moment, I have a full-time job as a student...and maybe soon-to-be-graduate student. :/ But, if I do these things when I DO sit down to write, I can actually accomplish something!

I hope you guys enjoyed this!! :D 

Now that I told you to stay away from facebook, I want you to go there now and look at my Arthur Page!  Just like me! Then RUN AWAY!

Love you guys!


  1. I have heard in several interviews some writers use a computer with no internet for their writing, which is definitely worth considering. There has been several occasions where I thought, "let me check my twitter real quick," often not returning for several minutes. It is a battle that self discipline must be at its strongest. I don't have a problem getting my goal for the week, but sometimes I think staying on task is much more difficult than it should be.

  2. You are so cute! And this post is right on the money. You know what worked for me? A deadline. My friends and I have given ourselves a deadline for any goal we wish to accomplish. It's really helped me focus on my writing.

    Good luck and I hope your muse returns to you! <3

  3. @Shain - You're so lucky!! I've had a problem reaching my goals since I got to college!! But I did all these things last night and it worked! :D Now I'm excited. lol.

    @Cherie - You're cute! :D Thanks!! Ohh. I didn't think about deadlines! I always get things done before a deadline! But I wonder if I imposed it, would I be able to say "ehh...Let me just move you a little." lol. I'm good w/ school deadlines though, so maybe I'll add that to my list!

  4. I am so with you!! I almost need a lave drier at my back. Okay, getting off the internet now. No really...

  5. So many distractions that eat up lots of my time, I'm sorry to admit. I love your tips, though. Music is a huge help when I find myself straying away from my writing tasks.

  6. I don't make my bed either. I am a firm believer in un-made beds ;) My weakness is watching TV shows online and browsing picture blogs on tumblr. Talk about a time-vaccum...All your tips were great, but I espeically liked #4. I know that one works and it's nice to be reminded of that by someone else

  7. @ J.A. - LOL! I feel like it's hard when you're a can say, 'that's my writing time too!!'

    @ Cynthia - I listened to music yesterday and wrote a 4-page paper in less than an hour! I'd say helpful, lol.

    @ Caitlin - I'm so glad we're un-made bed fans!! The only TV show I could watch online was the BBC version of Emma. LOVED!

  8. I agree about closing all the windows that involve the Internet. If even one is open, I feel the need to check Blogger or my e-mail. If they're closed, I write so much better!

  9. I'm with ya there!

  10. I understand the whole distraction thing, though mine usually involve my wife and kids, and research. Luckily, they're all worthwhile distractions.

  11. This was awesome! Because (1) I do the same thing, so I (2) put in earbuds and listen to music, and then (3) find a nice comfy spot on the cough (there's a permanent divot)

    OH, and that woman? It's Moaning Myrtle (albeit a little older, and sorry, don't know her real name!) from her role in "Taming of the Shrew" from the Shakepeare Retold set (HILARIOUS, btw, you should watch it) I saw that photo and I cracked up!

  12. I had no idea that BBC did a production of Emma. That's doubly exciting news since I'm reading Emma right now for my Jane Austen course :) Where did you find it online?

  13. I went to YouTube and watched episodes! It's wonderful, I think!! I ordered on Amazon after and now I own it! :D Look for it on YouTube, lol...

    Look at me, telling you to go watch Emma on YouTube.

  14. I found it, thanks! :) I have it bookmarked so I can watch it after I finish reading the book

  15. Hee hee! This is such a cute post! I'll have to try your method of writing without distractions!

  16. This is Jenny from our hometown. I love you! You are so funny. I agree with these tactics, although, I agree sometimes it doesn't work because of online social sites, but we have to be stronger than those sites! Hahaha. I also like the picture of the lady making a fist, funny picture.