Friday, September 9, 2011

Ideas and Blog Award!!

Let's see, what to begin with first...

The lovely Charlotte from Charlotte On The Web (so clever!) gave me a wonderful, very sweet (literally) blog award!


So, I think we're all kinda 'ehhh...' on the things about me thing by now, so I'm gonna ask my character, Leaf Tinavin some questions...(he can be grumpy).

Me: So, seven questions for the Elf!

Leaf: *Annoyed stare*

Me: You're not one for hiding how you feel, are you...anyways....Let's see. What kind of Elf are you?

Leaf: In the Orient there aren't any particular race of Elves. We're all just that--Elves. Once, a long time ago, there were difference races of Elves, but at this point, we're a dying race. We stay on our island and don't usually bother with the world. If you really wanted an answer, I'd have to say I was descended from a line of water elves...hence my occupation.

Me: Which is piracy, but you are also a Prince. How do you handle both extremes?

Leaf: My occupation as a pirate has helped my race out immensely. I'd tell you how, but you probably don't want to ruin the ending of your book.

Me: Right. Well...what's your favorite weapon and why?

Leaf: It all depends on who I'm fighting. I've saved a lot of lives with my bow, and it works pretty well at sea, however, there is nothing like a good sword fight.

Me: Cool! So, between you and me, in a match between Barren and Cove, who would win?

Leaf: That's difficult. They'd probably tire each other out...I'd say they'd both lose.

Me: You're a real friend, you know that? That's not a question BTW!

Leaf: You're cheating.

Me: *ignoring the Elf while scanning my list of questions* I've always wondered what your favorite color was. You always wear green.

Leaf: I like green. Green is good.

Me: Helpful...helpful stuff. Okay, If you could live in any castle in The Orient, where would you live?

Leaf: My own in Aurum. I did not fight a war just to leave it vacant.

Me: But you're always sailing, you leave it vacant all the time!

Leaf: That's not by choice! The sea calls me. You wouldn't understand.

Me: Try me!

Leaf: You know what piracy is like? It's not about the plunder, treasure, taking lives--that's...that's what  people want to see...and they started to view us as criminals. It's about adventure, it's a passion, a love for the sea that's unending. We are born with this, and to ignore it is to go mad...

Me: *unsure of what to do now that Leaf had his moment*

That probably wasn't seven questions, but Leaf get's impatient! *crosses arms*.

Now, I'll pass this sweet thing on to 5 new followers!

Shain Brown
Julius Cicero (epic name!!)
Krystal Wade
Blaire Kensley
Michelle Moloney-King

Check out these wonderful blogs! Please. lol.

Now, I've decided to begin this thing called Inspiration Mondays, basically it will be a collage of quotes, photos, videos, whatever is inspiring to me (and hopefully to you). I'm very excited to begin this! And I think we all need a little extra boost on Mondays as it is. I hope you'll stop by and see them!


  1. Ha! I love the interview! You are so clever, Ashley. ;)

  2. That Leaf, grumpy but interesting :-)

  3. Congrats on the award, and love the interview! It's always fun to hear about people's characters.

  4. No problem, Krystal, Shain, and Julius! You guys deserve it!

    @ Cherie - Thanks! lol. :)

    @ Sarah - Oh, he can be!! He thinks he's clever!

    @Thanks, Shallee! I'm glad you stopped by!

  5. congratulations on the award. I am now following you and will surely come back!

  6. This is awesome!!! What an original idea, and your character is so interesting too!

  7. Hahahaha! Hilarious! And congrats on the awards!

  8. @Life Unordinary - Yay!! Thank you!

    @ The Many Colours of Happiness - Thank you so much! I'm so glad you're here!

    @ Peggy - :D Thanks!!

  9. Thanks again for the Award ASHLEY!!!