Thursday, September 1, 2011

Most Random Blog Post Ever!

First - Blogger's changed and it's weird!!

Secondly, most of you noticed, but I got a haircut! I really like it, I have K.V. Briar hair. lol.

And I look older, I feel. 

Okay, now it's story time. 
My roommate, a fabulous fashionable woman, and lover of all things cute, was away in New York. When she came back, the apartment was pretty much decorated. We were in need of a few a toaster. One evening after school, I walk into the kitchen and this is what I see. 

Yes, a hello kitty toaster. Yes, it is cute. Not my taste, really, but hey...
Well, I decided I'd live with the toaster for a little while. Well, one day I went to make toast and when they popped up they weren't really toasted. (Aladdin doesn't like black spots on his toast), so I put the toast down a second time.


Aladdin didn't seem to believe me, so he did this:

BTW - he set off the fire alarm. 

As you can see, there is hello kitty's face!!

I learned a valuable lesson--this is how they put Jesus's face on toast! They simply have a Jesus toaster. 

Ahaha. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my revelation. lol.

Later I'll be posting about this new book I'm writing.

Ciao, Ashley


  1. Hi,

    Cute hair cut, I am still using the older version of blogger.........don't like the new one!

    I LOVE the toster, it is right up my street! I just love that you get to see the face on the toast. Super cute!


  2. Loving the randomness!!! Cute hair! I also am with you on the blogger situation, still trying to decide if I like it.... I seem to not like change that much... go figure.

  3. hahah! My friend gave us this toaster after ours broke. I could not believe my good fortune when Hello Kitty showed up in my toast. I started to have religious visions and all that. Then I ate the toast. It tasted the same as regular toast, except for the mild trace of "cat."

  4. Love the haircut and the toaster. Hopefully you don't set off the fire alarm every time you want your bread to be toasted and not just warm ;)

    How do you like your classes? I'd love the Tudor one!

  5. Very cute hair--you look adorable.

    That toaster is hilarious, putting Hello Kitty's face right on your toast. Hee!

    Enjoy the long weekend! :)

  6. Well, well, well. Look how beautiful you are!

  7. @ Michelle - I don't know how to switch it! lol. I had more respect for the toaster when I found out Hello Kitty's face is on the toast. lol.

    @ Jen - I don't like change when it's like this! It's like when they constantly change fb.

    @ Jenny - hahaha!! We were all debating what we'd do if Jesus's face was on our toast. You can't eat it, and if you throw it away, well...that's bad too!!

    @ Dawn - Thanks!! I love my classes so far! They're mostly lecture classes, so that's nice for me! I love the Tudor one as well! I've had the prof before, he's wonderful and funny!

    @ Dawn Simon - Thank you! You too!

    @ Caitlin - Thanks! You're sooo sweet!

  8. That's hilarious! And a bit creepy. :))

  9. Nice haircut; fit's your great smile >:)

    I bet the Shroud of Torino (Turin in English) was made with that Jesus toaster

    Cold As Heaven