Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Monster Inside Me

It is so strange to begin a new book--away from characters I've been with for years. Not even kidding. You all know about my lovely pirates. Well, you know about one book Cutlass. The others you'll not really know much about until I find an agent/get published and such--but they are called Flintlock and Cannon. I have been in the swashbuckling world for so long, I began to think all I could write was pirates, politics, and sea-faring adventure. I considered writing a fourth book...fearing to leave my pirates.

Then this idea comes along out of nowhere and hits me. And all these characters are talking and carrying on in my head and the only thing I can do to keep them quite is write what they're saying, but this is a SAD story. I mean, my characters have been through some tough stuff, but never this. It calls into questions sooo many morals.

You see, Sia's entire race has basically been decimated. She was saved, only to live a vengeful life killing any type of Blood Elf crossing her path--I mean NO mercy! I was so shocked--no mercy for woman or child. She's angry, I understand. She's alone, she's hurt, she's psychologically scarred...but is she right? I mean...I pretty much know what's going to happen, but as I go along with this character, hearing her story and seeing her choices, I know there's an ounce of humanity, but I can't believe she's manifested within my mind.

She's the main character, but she's a savior, but a villain -- I can tell the challenge for her will be how she's going to change. It will have to be a slow process. I can't say that I will be a challenge for me to write it--though it seems so--but I know somehow it's gonna work out, Sia's story will develop beautifully because she's telling it, not me.

I really haven't found anyone who looks like her yet...still on the search! But once I find someone, I'll post a picture. Although, I think Tamzin Merchant comes pretty close except brown hair!

Ciao, Ashley


  1. Oh, I like the sound of this Sia character. She sounds like a bit of an anti-hero. I don't like my heroes or heroines too clean-cut. And she sounds like she'd be great to write.

  2. Thanks Derek!!

    Yeah, I guess a lot of my characters are a type of anti-hero. My pirates are definitely that. But not like this one. She's different, darker, almost. lol.

  3. Oh man that sounds like crazy fun to write, although I would probably get depressed after a while with someone like that. So fun :)

  4. LOL!! I never thought about the depressing aspect of the novel, how funny! I know the rest of the story though, so maybe not so depressing? haha.

  5. It's fun to find pics of people who would fit your characters, but I've never found someone who truly "fits." There's always something off about them. I wish I could find an identical match. That would rock!

  6. I agree, E.R. - you know what's odd though? You character doesn't always look the same in anyone else's head either! Sometimes I just want characters in other books to have different hair. lol.

  7. looking forward to hearing where your story goes. It must be difficult leaving one world for another, it just amazes me where you got these ideas from.