Thursday, September 29, 2011

Blog Award! Whoo!

The most wonderful and lovely Caitlin Vincent had given me a blog award!! Like her, I have had a wonderful day: I found out I will officially graduate in May, I read a wonderful book, and I got this lovely award.

So I give 7 links for the descriptions in bold! Whoo!!

Most Beautiful: Tiger in the Snow

Perhaps? I try to inspire peeps. :D Not sure how well I do just writing these blogs, but hey! I try. haha.

Most Helpful: Technology Traps

I like to think this was helpful. And that I am helpful. LOL.

Most Popular: Spin-offs of Pride and Prejudice

Yeah...this could go under Most Surprisingly Successful as well...but not many commented, so Idk...but it has the most views. LOL. I am totally shocked, but I suppose it has a interesting title. I was merely curious as to why there are so many and what others thought. haha.

Most Controversial: Perfect Imperfection

I say this because it was said I didn't pay enough attention to the affects men have on women's body image. My counterargument would be that if women say men are at fault for our body image...then we are giving ourselves excuses. Also, if men are at fault for the way women attempt to live up to false ideals, why do they dislike when we wear makeup? When we don't like ourselves? Yes, some men are at fault for this...however, women are just as much to blame. We did start beauty salons, began makeup companies, and so on and so forth. Bottom line: I do not blame men for my self-consciouness. I blame the enviorment I grew up in. Now. You can disagree...and that's fine...but I have my reasons. lol. I also respect the opinions given very much.

Most Surprisingly Successful: Inspiration Mondays: J.R.R. Tolkien

I'm sure there were others, I just didn't expect interest. LOL. I was glad everyone got to see how crazy-obsessed I was with Tolkien. hehe.

Most Underrated:  I See Stars...

Idk...I just need one for this. Also, I think it's not reading-worthy cause the font is small and close together. But I thought it was funny. It was probably the bat. hehe.

Most Pride-worthy: Cute Owl OMG

Judge for yourself! SOOO CUTE! UGH!

Now, I pass this to 7 peeps. I'm the worst at notifying you...but I will!! (*disclaimer: college kids*, right?) haha.

Barbara Kloss - She's my newest bestest writer friend. I'm obsessed with her book. NO JOKE. Read it. PWEASE!!

Cynthia Willis  - Her blogs are SO wonderful! If you aren't following her, you should. Everything she posts is helpful!

Shain Brown - This blog has just the right kind of mixture. I enjoy all the posts. It also wonderful for me to be introduced to a Paranormal author!

A.M Supinger - Newest blog follwering/follower. She has the most clever, cutest blog every! She's SOOOO clever!! Omg.

Michelle Moloney - She is a teacher! She has wonderful guest bloggers, as well as interesting, thoughtful posts. You will always learn something if you visit!!

Lola - I enjoy the stories she has! She's a wonderful and funny writer!

Jessie B. Tyson - She's a new blogger friend! Her book is coming out soon it's called "White Heaven Women"! She writers Paranormal Fiction!! And just like Shain, it's wonderful to be introduced to another Paranormal writer!!

Okay..not supposed to be here on Thursdays..but it happened.

Also..another award I've been meaning to post is from Derek Flynn. I've mentioned him before in a Spotlight blog and hope to have him as a guest poster on my blog soon! His music and his writing is SO wonderful! CHECK OUT THIS BLOG!!

Anyways, the award he gave me was...well, I'm not sure what it involved except facts. LOL. He listed 7, and I've talked about I'll tell you about my new book SOULLESS.

1. They call Sia 'Soulless' because she hates all blood elves and murders them without question.
2. She has reason, however. She is the last of her race because of them. They waged war against the Arethia, and she is getting revenge.
3. There are 3 princes of the Blood Elf Kingdom (this is important): Caiseal, Aran, and North. (yeah...I don't get the last one...but I swear that's what the character said his name was!!) That's in youngest to oldest order.
4. I wrote most of what the book is in Art History
5. There is a fairy kingdom called Talithia that Sia calls her home.
6. Dragon and Symphony are king and queen.
7. These Fairies are human-sized and have GIANT, beautiful wings.

Well, there ya go!

I'm supposed to give this to 2 peeps and they are:

Overdue: Talking in the Library
The Many Colours of Happiness



  1. Thanks for the award :)

    I like the name North. It is unique and he'll tell you why he picked that name eventually. I love when characters tell me what they want and refuse to conform. North sounds like that!

  2. YAY, I love blog awards! Thank you! I'll never get anything done... *shakes head*

    Um, and I love that you wrote most of Soulless in Art History. HAahahaha! Most people might be texting or online or who knows what, but there you are, writing a book.

  3. @ A.M. Supinger - I'm so glad you like it. It shocked me. Kinda like when my other character (in my pirate book) told me his name was Hollow. I was like that's different. Lol.

    @Barbara - If you were in there you'd write too!! idk why I'm so inspired in there, lol.

  4. Woot! Congrats :) Off to check out some old posts...

  5. Deadly, thanks Ashley. I must do a post some day soon about blog awards. This is a great list of other cool blogs.

  6. Thanks guys!! :D I <3 Blog awards!! They're all so colorful. lol.

  7. Awww, Ashley, THANK YOU so much for this lovely award and your nice comments!
    And congratulations to you!

  8. YOU ROCK ASHLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for the blog award!!! I'm putting it on twitter right now! :-) :-)