Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I See Stars...

For this writing segment, I'm going to tell you a story :)

"Let's watch the stars tonight," said Aladdin.
"Okay, sounds fun," I said. Thinking watching the stars would be easy. What could be involved but merely looking up?
When night fell, Aladdin pulled out the ladder and dragged it to the house. Sitting it against the edge of the house, he began climbing up.
"I used to climb onto the roof and do my homework at night and watch he stars," he said.
Nevermind that I didn't see how he could actually see his homework...although there was a foggy street light near. I climbed up behind him. Getting on the roof wasn't bad, although I was a little surprised by how sharply the roof fell. We laid on our backs and watched the stars. There was lightening in the distance, and clouds were moving it, but it only added to the beauty of the sky.
It was beautiful...and then out of nowhere, three bats began to fly in circles above us.
"Those are bats," I told Aladdin.
"No they're not, they're birds," he said.
"Those are bats," I said. "They're gonna land on us. Look at that one, he keeps moving toward us."
And he did! He circled above us and kept coming closer and closer. The other two must have gotten tired of us because they flew away, but the other just flew around is dizzy circles...around and around...closer and closer. I was so occupied with this bat, I couldn't look anywhere else. He was gonna land on me and bite me. I knew it!
"Let's get down," I said.
"That bat is too close. He wants to eat us. I know it."
Aladdin laughed, but agreed to get off the roof. He, being a lot taller than me, easliy stepped on the ladder and waited for me, but when I put my legs over the edge of the roof, I couldn't feel the ladder beneath my feet and I froze. My heart was racing and I just knew if I tried to find the ladder's step, I'd miss it and fall to the ground.
I did the reasonable thing and freaked out.
"It's okay, I'm not going to let you fall. The step is right here."
For some reason, I didn't trust that the step would be there. All I could see was darkness and I could not feel anything!
It felt like I was on that roof for hours. Nevermind the creepy bat above my head. When I finally got down. I felt really stupid, but I had been so afraid before I was just happy to be down!

Now, when I think of this, I always laugh cause this really did happen to me. And this is reality. I thought of how sweet Aladdin had been to suggest something almost...fictional. Something you really would read about in books. It would have ended differently--the beginning would have been the beginning of a romance for a couple, whereas this is the on-going romance of a year and a  half of course it would have ended with my fright and fear of bats/heights.

When he was suggesting this, I thought 'Oh, I could use this in a book!' and I probably will...and I probably won't mention the part about the fear of bats/heights...because that is my reality, not my characters. It's interesting how we draw from our experiences and find outselves giving our characters characteristics unique to us, or characteristics unique to a friend, or instances we've experienced something very sweet, or something very horrible. It doesn't matter what it is, at some point, someone is going read an excerpt of your life in your novels--no matter romance, paranormal, fantasy, or sci/fi.

I enjoyed remembering this instance in my life, and I hope you guys were entertained, lol!


  1. I was totally entertained! That was a great story and your right the perfect setting for a YA romance.

  2. LOL! That bat picture is creepy!

    Your story reminded me of the Disney movie Aladdin, when Aladdin asks Jasmine to trust him. You guys are so sweet together!

  3. J.A. - Yay!! I'm glad it was entertaining! LOL. Oh, my Young Adult life!

    Cherie - Maybe he planned it!! He does like the movie Aladdin!! And thank you!! :D