Sunday, April 3, 2011

There's something about...

I've been wanting to actually use my twitter account, but I just can't seem to begin to use it. I did the same thing with facebook. I wanted to use it for a long time, but really didn't. Then, one day, I just started to play around. I don't feeling like twitter is the same though. I follow agents no there, and some authors, but I guess I don't understand how people interact? Is there interaction?

Also, I have been looking into self-publishing. As this...last option idea to publish my book. I've thought of a lot of ways to promote it. My friends would help me make t-shirts, and we've planned on making a video--you know the kind that announce a book? Idk if there's a term?--plus my website, blog, and facebook. We've also discussed posters, (even doing that now just to get some readership). All sorts of things! It actually makes me feel better--knowing how much we can promote it, self-publishing or not...but I feel security with an agent, and I don't with self-publishing. Also, I'm in college and have no time for my writing (barely!) muchless anything related to promoting a self-published book. Needless to say, bad move at this point.

 I still think it's amazing that people do well self-publishing! And I'd love to be one of those. :/ But I'd also love an agent who knew the market way better than me, because all I can do is research. Has anyone else considered self-publishing?


  1. Well of course I've considered self-publishing, haha. Especially after reading about Amanda Hocking's success, Nathan Bransford's recent talk about the topic, and the ease of Kindle's Direct Publishing and CreateSpace... Actually, at this point, I'm leaning a little more toward self-publishing than I am toward the traditional method. I feel like if I can establish myself with an audience through self-publishing and later approach an agent with my success, I would have better luck. Plus I'm sick of waiting for an agent to fall in love with my work. I'd rather promote myself and decide for myself when is the best time to publish my work rather than depend so much on another person.

    You also pretty much get to keep your own rights when you're self-publishing, rather than selling them to someone else, and I think that's cool. If your work is successful, you can also approach an agent about the same work sometime later, though they might be more interested in your future work than that piece itself.

    Of course, the downside is the self-promotion, but if you have friends I'm sure you can have a lot of fun with it.

    I do believe those videos are called book trailers :D I'm excited to make one, myself. I have to plan what I want to put in it.

    Anyway, I don't know what the whole deal with Twitter is either. To me, Facebook is more personal, Blogger is a promotional effort, and Twitter is just... ????

  2. Book trailers! That's it! lol. I have a funny idea for one. :p I think you'd have some awesome ideas because you're a voice actress! you could do it all yourself and be the same character!

    I think it's a good option. I am with you, I am sick of waiting for someone to fall in love with my work. :/ When I know all my friends enjoy it, and others. :)

  3. It's a pain waiting on others to "deem your work worthy"--ugh! Especially when you know that the people who have already read it actually like reading it. For whatever reason, even if it's not up to "company standard," PEOPLE JUST LIKE READIN' GOOD STORIES!

    And yes, I have some pretty fun ideas in store :D I'd actually like to get my original voice actors if they're still up for recording a few more lines, hehe, that would be fun and super neat.

  4. I've been back and forth about the idea of self-publishing. Two months ago I never would have considered it, but now it seems to be everywhere and I can't help but be a little caught up with the thought of it. I love the idea of keeping control over every aspect of my book. That being said, the one thing I would miss, and truly believe every writer needs, is a damn good editor. I would LOVE to have an editor rip me to shreds. I really want that guidance, you know? And you don't get that in self-pubbing, unless you pay for it. And that ain't cheap. Still, I'm on the fence.

  5. I agree about the editor!! I'm on the fence, cause I know it'd take a lot to self-promote your book. I guess you'd do the same amount if you had an agent...unless you had a publicist. It's just really hard to keep getting rejection letters, wondering when your query will fall into the hands of someone who will love it. :/ You know all about that though, lol.