Saturday, April 30, 2011

Trilogy...oh, wait...

Well, in the beginning, I wanted three books, but I really am so sad to see my Trilogy end that I'd really love to write a fourth book. I have a few ideas for it, too. I'm just afraid that it will seem so finalized by the third book, I shouldn't add one. :/

 I suppose the decision should be made if I ever get published and depending on my popularity. lol. But, I still do not want my adventures with my pirates to end. 

By the way--is anyone excited for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides? I'm excited. I'm sad that Will and Elizabeth won't be back. :(  

Here's another thing I don't understand about the popularity of pirates--I've noticed there has been an attempt to get pirate books published, and Pirates of the Caribbean has done SO well, why doesn't anyone seem to think they can sell my book? :( 

Maybe it's just because my book isn't liked by the agents I query. UGH. 


  1. I am MUCH looking forward to the next Pirates of the Caribbean. I'm glad that Captain Jack may have a chance at love (at least that's what it seems like from previews, but we'll see).

    Yes I would think there'd be a market for pirates. Keep submitting, you probably just haven't found the right one yet! :)
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  2. I think it'll be fun to see it, too. I am excited, but I think the plot would have made more sense with Will and Elizabeth and I think the two characters replacing them are a mermaid and another guy--Philip and Syrena? That's what I'm seeing, but either way, I love Jack Sparrow!

    I feel like Pirates should be a great book market...idk, lol! I'm still searching!!