Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hey guys!!! I feel like I've been away forever. I found a job! I start Wednesday, I'm a cashier again. :/ However, I make more money than I have ever made as a cashier. Also, I am getting a new car--2011 Ford Fiesta:


Daddy said maybe I'll win the lottery and be able to pay in cash. lol. Until then, I'll make payments, but isn't it pretty?! The sad side of this--my first car a 03 Ford Explorer died. It was my first car and I paid all of it off myself! Just in January, actually. Rest in peace SUV! You will be missed.

I think I'll name this Fiesta. She seems feisty, lol. Any ideas?

Also, I finished my rewrite of the first 6 chapters of my book and let me just say, I LOVE it!! I also feel really good about the it's where it needs to be now. I know when I read it a year from now I'll want to change it again, but maybe I'll be close to being in print by then and I won't be able to!

That brings up a question: How or when do you feel satisfied with your book? Do you ever feel like it's "there"?

I've read most writers are never quite satisfied with their book, they always see something they wanted to change. Perhaps this is a more present feeling for Trilogy writers? By the time I got to my third book, I went back to the first and realized it need to change a lot!


  1. Oh, WOW! That car is BEOOOOTIFUL! Congrats. :) And on the great job, too! Sorry about your SUV, tho. Sounds like it served you well.

    And yes, I always find something in every sotry that I could change, but they say when you get to the place where all you're fixing are the little grammatical things, it's time to send it off. ;)

  2. Great looking car!

    Also, I agree with Anita, if you're fiddling with words rather than plot points and characterizations, it's time to send it along.

    I often wonder how established writers feel about their first books. The first ones they got published I mean. Do they shake their heads and think how much better they could do if they rewrote it now?

  3. Thank you!! I'm so nervous to have a car payment! But I did it once before! That's a good bit of advice, Anita! I'm glad you said that. Sometimes I think I'll never have my novel quite there.

  4. Steven - I do too! I've read interviews where writers have a Trilogy or something and they read the first book and think of all the things they can change, so I'm sure they do! I probably will. :D

  5. Pssst ... I have something for you. Come and get it at my blog.

  6. Beautiful car!

    I don't think I'm ever satisfied, but there comes a moment when I think I have to send this baby out in the world.

  7. Congrats on the new job and the new car - and the new rewrite. I'm in the various stages of rewriting two stories, and, despite all the hard work, I'm thoroughly enjoying it. It's always magical to watch a story slowly transform from ugly duckling into sleek swan. Gotta love it.

  8. Oh joy congratulations on the car and job :D I just got hired myself, but I'm gonna keep using my parents' car until I have enough saved to buy my own.

    Anyway, since I'm still not published, I'm still seeing a lot of stuff wrong with even my most recent writing. It's pretty awful. Just weeks after writing something I see something that I have a problem with and think, "Maybe this is why I'm not published." Oh well! Even more room for improvement.