Monday, December 5, 2011

Famous People I'd Like to Meet

Ellen Degeneres

There's a lot you can say about Ellen. One of the greatest things? She's generous. If a name could ever be more perfect for a person, it's Ellen. I hope I can be half as generous as she is--she's always helping people. From car giveaways, to paying off peoples bills, to helping others with their volunteer organizations, she does it all! And with humor. Gotta love someone like that! One day, I hope to dance with her. I don't dance either...but I just might with her.

Josh Groban

Well, maybe it's because of this video:

Or maybe because of this one:

Basically, Josh is an walking contradiction. He plays the most amazing music, but he's also funny. He's very inspiring and I love listening to his music.

This is my favorite song. If you watch this, you'll understand. All of you know my love for history--the apartheid is only a fraction of history I learned about in my World Lit. class.

Ben Barnes

Yeah, you all probably seen this coming. If I ever meet him, I'm gonna ask him if he'll play Cove Rowell. LOL.


  1. I love Ellen, watch her shoe whenever I can. Love how easy she is with the crowd. You woudl NEVER see a tv presenter like that in Ireland.

    Love all the YT clips.


  2. Not only is Ellen amazingly generous, I'd love to dance with her some day!

  3. Josh Grobin on Glee--that's what did it for me :)

  4. O.M.G. He was on GLEE!?!?!!!
    I'm so excited!!
    I don't watch television while I'm at school, but I'm totally gonna youtube this!!