Thursday, June 21, 2012

Truths of My Writing Life:

1). Well, life gets in the way of my writing life. 

Currently, I am working everyday (that's eight hour shifts everyday, except Friday, and that one is a twelve hour shift). Yes, it is exhausting, especially on the weekends and my brain just gives out. This makes me a slow writer and it makes me a sad writer. :/ But, Friday, I have an interview for another job (it's my second interview), I'm hoping if I get it, I can drop the two jobs I have and only work 40 hours a week. 

2). School messes with your writing...and sometimes not in a good way. 

School taught me to cut A TON of words. I mean, to the point where I sometimes feel like my descriptions are too sparse. Some, I think would agree and also disagree. In any case, I have been able to kind of train myself to write differently when it comes to my novels. It is easier now that it's Summer and I have a break. In August, I will go into my Masters program which is Library Science and Information Technology. I have one class and two online classes. I'm curious to see how they affect my writing (whether that be my actual writing ability or how much time I have to write). 

3). Well, I set goals. I don't accomplish them. 

If it's one thing I learned with writing, while I can focus on it better than anything else in my life, I CANNOT force it. If I set goals, it's like a deathwish. I just won't get anything accomplished. I had a goal set for 200 pages at the very end of May...(I don't set word count goals, except for the very end of my novel...anyway)...I didn't accomplish anything. I went to Peru, was in a different space, and it was as if my creativity was zapped! 

**Just as a disclaimer, I do set goals, they are just huge this:

I think we all experienced transitions in our life that kind of hinder our creative ability. First my was moving within my town, and the busy graduations season, then traveling, and now I'm at a good medium. However, I will HOPEFULLY be changing up jobs soon, and that MIGHT hinder my creativity again, but we'll have to see! I will say, one job is better than two! :) 

4). Word Counts...(explained)

So, sometimes I see that people can write maybe...5000 words everyday. I guess that's a goal or something. Well, I am now lucky if I get around 1000 or so because I pause after so long and look at my outline to figure out how to move things around, or maybe one of my characters surprised me and decided they wanted to take charge and reveal a secret when I didn't expect it. This sets me back a little because then I have to go back and rewrite so that my current chapter makes sense and can go in a good direction. I could look at this as progress, but I'm not so sure it is. I guess I'm writing, at least. lol.

5). I don't really like editing. 

Maybe I am lying, maybe I will enjoy this edit, but I can't tell. All I know is that I usually dislike it very much. I will turn in essays that I haven't edited just because I hate it that much. It used to be because I felt I wasn't good at it, now it's because I feel after so long, I don't really accomplish much just looking at the same thing over and over again because my eyes are too used to it. 

I will say, however, on this second edit, I've been very good about editing as I go. If something changes in chapter eighteen unexpectedly, I go and fix chapter eight so everything....uh..."flows" well. haha. 

There are some truths about my writing life. I know I haven't been as diligent of a blogger like I was earlier this year, and I APOLOGIZE so much!! Maybe now you kinda have an idea of my life, though. Blogging is almost a full-time job if you do it right, and I work 60 hours a week, so I'm a little exhausted on the full-time gig. haha. 

So, what is everyone else's writing life like? Do you set goals? Or do you just tackle scenes as they come? 


  1. With four kids I never know when I will have time to write. I feel the same way you do when I read about people writing thousands of words every week. I don't produce nearly that much, but I know it will get done eventually! (I love your big goals, by the way!) Some days I write a thousand words (or more). Some days I write zero. That's just the way it is.

  2. I quite love editing, but I haven't done enough of it. Most of my works are still rough drafts :) Next year I hope to focus more on editing what I already have.

    Working every day, including weekends??? That would suck. I hope things calm down for you soon!

  3. Good luck with your interview! I hope it's a good fit, and you can stop working so much and start writing more!

    I don't know how people write thousands of words a day. Even when I'm home for summer vacation I don't usually get thousands done. I just keep at it, and finished one novel, so it must have worked.

    I do write goals, only because it gives me something to feel good about. At least I accomplished something! The rest of writing is so subjective, I can easily get disappointed. Meeting goals makes me happy :)

  4. This post comforted me in several ways. First, I feel very, very, very lucky to not be working 60 hours a week. Second: truth number 3... I am big on setting goals, and often I keep them and they're great motivators and all goes well. But I set a goal to do a whole revision this June, and it just didn't happen. Or at least the whole first half of June didn't happen. And I've really had to talk myself through the fact that I needed that time to relax my brain and let ideas come to me, that I was doing other life-things during that time, that I was even doing a ton of little things to prepare for the revision during that time... So yeah, that was good to hear for someone who is learning to just "go with the flow" and let go of a goal now and then. :)

    Good luck with your busy schedule and your job interview!!! I sincerely hope that you get the new 40-hour-a-week gig.

  5. Remember, life is where the books come from. Relax and absorb.

  6. Good luck on the job interview and hang in there!

  7. Fingers crossed for the job interview! I have left you a Fabulous Blogger Award over at my blog today if you want to pop over to collect sometime. When you have a spare moment of course. Take care of yourself.