Friday, October 5, 2012

Thank You!

I wanted to thank everyone for their AWESOME feedback on my query below. I got some great comments and e-mails, all with helpful suggestions, and let me say--I AGREE. I will begin working on my changes this weekened. Like I said, I took a week break from hardcore editing and query writing so I could look at everything with fresh eyes.

Now, for some updates!

I got a MAC!

:D I am so excited! I have had a PC for years now, and I just felt like it was finally time to buy a MAC. I haven't played with it much, and I still need to get all my writing stuff organized on my PC (I am a big fan of not being descriptive with word documents...and I have a TON). It's a little fruerateing at times because it's so new, but I am sure I will love it by the time I learn everything--I already do! The backlight keyboard is a lifesaver!

Next, I am going to LONDON and FRANCE in 2014!!

I am so excited! There is a whole tour planned out that involves seeing Churchills home, and Omaha Beach. We'll spend 8 days oversees and I couldn't be more excited (even if it is two years away). By then I will have graduated from my master's program so I am calling it my graduation gift.

Alright then,

That's all I have so far! I am going to buckle down and get homework out of the way so the weekend is clear for my book and query! As always, I'll keep everyone updated!

Lots of love!



  1. Wow, exciting stuff! Congrats on the new computer. :) And I'd love to take that kind of trip. I didn't know (until recently) that you posted your query on here, so I'll go check it out.

  2. Oooh, nice shiny new toy, er, Mac! ;)Sounds like you've got lots of exciting things going on for you. Good luck!

  3. Awesome travel news!!! And yay for Macs. I've been a convert for some years now. My next step is to get an iMac to complete my collection :D

  4. Ooh, lots of fun things! Enjoy them! :)

  5. Macs and London and France, oh my! Sounds like fun times are ahead. ;)

  6. How exciting! I'll be going to Wal Mart later...

  7. I had a MAC in college. LOVED it. Can't wait till I have the money to buy another.