Friday, November 9, 2012

Okay, okay

Okay...I have a SERIOUS question for everyone.

Now, I have thought of several blog posts over the course of by weekdays while I am in procrastination mode. (it's bad). Very bad this time.  I FINALLY finished editing my book and I FINALLY found (or rather she found me) an AWESOME editor. So while I am adding all the finishing touches I can to my book, I was thinking about how awkward it is for me to write kissing scenes.

I mean...really?

I can read them. I can watch them. Writing them makes me blush...and it's JUST a kissing scene. Disney has kissing scenes!! Why am I all blushy and embarrassed? It's not like I don't kiss Aladdin (speaking of which, we had pics taken, look!!):

Anyways, I am one of those people who can't be in the same room when someone is reading anything that belongs to me. I run away or I make distracting noises.


Aladdin has read my books and I always feel really stupid when he gets to the kissy parts. I feel like a fifteen year old girl--all giggly and obsessed. Then I think of something Jennifer Armentrout said which was that YA is for people who like to remember all those firsts--like first kiss, first hate, first love. Maybe when I read my book this time, it was as the READER not the WRITER and all the embarrassment actually came from my characters.

Wishful thinking.

So...does anyone else have this problem? Or rather, what do you find embarrassing to write? And why?


  1. I have a hard time writing those scenes as well. I procrastinate until I can no longer avoid it. Lol

  2. I'm the same way! I can't write or read a kissing scene with someone else in the room...and giggling is also invovled. I have guy's POV and actually had to ask my huband what guys think when kissing...awkward.

  3. This is definitely a difficult area for me, too! I think it's part of why I gravitate toward middle grade. And my YA is about zombies. Far more killing than kissing! (Although I needed my husbands help with those scenes, too.)

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  5. I have yet to write a kissing scene. I'm awkward about writing those scenes too. Don't know why, and don't know the solution, except to just plunge ahead and write it. Remember how crummy the first draft of a novel always is? Write a crummy kissing scene or two, and then you can always revise it a million times until it works. (She said, not having done that yet. :-) )

  6. I have no problem whatever with writing kissing scenes or even sex scenes but I can't bear to watch someone kiss. It just feels Eeeew.

    I am just the same as you with the hiding my face when someone reads something I write though. I prefer to be behind the sofa when that happens, or in a different room :)

  7. Aw, I actually love writing these scenes. Then again, I usually make it happen as a surprise or spur-of-the-moment for my characters, so there's not all that awkward build up and expectation. ;)