Monday, July 15, 2013

Things that make my Monday hard...

Hey guys! Sorry I was MIA a little bit last week. Work has gone crazy. The reason it has gotten crazy is the topic of this blog--

The topic is a woman. She's actually my Best Friend Forever. Her name is Emily.

Emily (left) and me!
Emily was the Finance Director at our place of employment, and the 5th was her last day. I don't think it's really sunk in that she has left yet. It's just like she's on vacation or something. The 9th was my official 'one year' at our place of employment--and marked a whole year of knowing Emily. 

When I first met her, she came up and shook my hand and she said, "Oh my gosh! I've been so excited to meet you! Garza (our boss) came to me and said "The girl I just hired reminds me of you!"

Garza couldn't have been more right. Emily and I are two peas in a pod. lol. We call each other our sister from another mother. We refer to each other as "my twin" and just recently celebrated something we like to call our "Twiniversary." It was an amazing day filled with...


The movie "Beaches":

And a whole lot of positive thinking and best friend stuff. The point is, it's gonna be hard to be at work without my bestest friend in the whole wide world. I rely on her for almost everything and I miss her a lot when she's not at work. Now I have to text her to get answers to all my questions or just to hear her encouragement--and though I am thankful I can still text her, there's just something comforting about being in the same building as your best friend. 

I have other best friends, and I love them dearly, but there's something about Emily--I know we were meant to meet. I know that there's something special about how she believes in me and how I believe in her. Just last night she said, "Ashley, I've never had a best friend who believed in me like you do" and I could say the same about her. In the end, it feels like I've known her all my life. 

Who is your best friend? What do you guys do together to celebrate your BFF? 


  1. Oh, that stinks that she won't be working with you anymore. :P But I'm sure you'll still see plenty of her. :)
    I've known my best friend since the fifth grade. :) Now we're old and have kids and don't get to see each other as much, but we talk on the phone almost every day!

  2. My BFF and I go watch popcorn crunching high budget hollywood flops. Yeah, we're sort of a real life MST3K (without the robots, though I bet we could get Siri in on the action...)

  3. Aw, you won't get to work with your friend anymore. That's no fun.

    My BFF? No Beaches for us. We play video games :)

  4. Beaches...what a tear jerker!!

    Is it lame to say my newest BFF is my hubs? As for girlfriends...I have a small group I have been besties with since I was in elementary school. They know where the closets with the skeletons are, but they'll never talk!

  5. I love you best friend!!! I miss you too!!! To everything you said, I say DITTO!!!!! :) Our first twiniversary was fabulous!!