Sunday, September 22, 2013

On Starting a New Book...

Does anyone else have trouble STARTING a book?

I sure do.

I mean, I usually know what happens in the middle and the end before I know how the book starts. Problem is, I can't start writing unless I know the beginning. I mean, sure, I'll write those middle scenes, and that ending scene (I've done that, though chances are, they'll change a bit when I get to them from the beginning of the book), but I cannot actually thread together my story with the beginning.

The beginning of a book is so important! It's where we plant clues as authors as to the direction of our book. It's where we get to know our characters, and how they'll react in situations, their strengths and weaknesses.

Only recently have I found the actual beginning to my new book, Nacoma Knight. It's taken me SEVERAL versions, but I really like what I have. Sure, it's going to need also may still change...but the feel is perfect.

Now if I could write more than 500 words before stopping and wondering where in the heck I'm going with it!

What about you all? What's the easier part of your book to write? Are you a beginning, middle, or end person? Where do you start? 


  1. I do pretty good w/beginnings usually. I'm always excited to start so it just seems to flow right on on the page. But that middle part? Not so much fun! =)

  2. Beginning and middle. I kind of sputter and then go off and then come to a grinding halt about three chapters from the end. Have fun getting through those 500 words. Eventually they'll be right :)

  3. I don't have trouble with beginning or end, but I always get hung up on the middle. It always feels like filler to me, maybe because my plots are too thin.

  4. I outline back-to-front, then write front-to-back. I still change my beginning several times, to be sure to introduce the main character in the most interesting and sympathetic way possible, while still being immediately preceding the hook. It's complicated, so don't feel too bad. :)

  5. I can never write a book in order from scene to scene. I write the initial idea first (usually the catalyst of change for the MC) and then ideas come and I write them and then figure out what order they go later on. It's a little messy, but it's how I roll! :D

  6. I totally have to start at the beginning, and have some idea of how it's going to end, so I totally understand about having to stop every 500 words to figure out where to go next. If I don't have a good idea of what is happening in the book, it's like everything just muddles around and I can't write anything!

  7. I start in all places, but rarely is it the beginning. And so many time the beginning changes because I realize I didn't start out at the right spot. Luckily, jumping around is easy for me to do. I just write at the place that gets me excited the most.