Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Awesome Things Going on in the Blogsphere!

Gosh! There are so many awesome things going on in the Blogsphere, I thought I'd do a post to tell you all about them! 

First up is the Holiday Food Drive hosted by M.J. Joachim and Tina Downey

Here are the simple rules: 
  • Put up your post anytime between November 18 and 20th.
  • Write about a local food bank or organization that helps feed the poor in your area. Share as much detail as you can to help promote their cause.
  • Then give some of your time and/or treasure to help support their cause. Honor system applies. Feel free to share your activity in your blog post – not to brag, or say look what I've done, I'm such a great person, but to encourage others and give them ideas of what they could do to help others.
  • Show the blogfest badge (generously created and donated by our favorite digital artist, the amazing Jeremy of jmhdigital) and link back to this informational post at either of our sites. (If you need help doing this, just email me and I'll walk you through it.)
  • Please help us advertise this blogfest, even if you're not participating. Tweet, facebook, mention it at the end of a post, whatever works for you we could use the publicity for this great cause.
  • Follow your hosts’ blogs, if you are not already doing so.

Then there's Lexa and Julie's Dream Destination Bloghop! 

Simply post about where your dream destination is! 

Then there's the 50 States of Pray blogfest, hosted by Mark Koopmans! He's looking for one person to represent each state. I'm not sure which states are taken, but I'm sure he'd let you share one. ;)

The idea is simple: On Dec. 24, 2013, take a moment, (and in about 100 words), share a prayer, a thought, a memory, a hope, a regret about the past and/or a wish for the future.

Okay guys! Check out these awesome events coming up! 


  1. Thank you so much for sharing our Hop, Ashley!! That is so nice of you. And I also didn't know about the Holiday Food Drive but what a fantastic idea. Thanks for sharing the info, I'm heading over to sign up now.

  2. Whoa, so much good stuff happening! I love the Holiday food drive idea. It's the perfect time of year to give back.

  3. So happy I stopped by -- returning to thank you for this post. I've signed up for the Holiday Food Blogfest and inserted info on my morning's post.

  4. Such great stuff! And you're so staggeringly awesome to promote them!! :)

  5. And they're all worth celebrating too! Thanks for the shout out :)