Sunday, July 27, 2014

Importance of Space!

Hello everyone!! :)

I have been settling into my new routine with my job and all that, and trying to settle down and really get to work on book 2. I realized that my space wasn't really working for me. I'm really big on space, and if it doesn't feel right, I can't work in it. So I made some changes and this is the result:

We found the lantern at the art walk here in norman for $25, all it needed was a new cord! I bought my bookshelf to place all my books on so they weren't stacked on the floor (I already need another one, but that's okay, gives me an excuse to by more books). And I turned my desk around so it wasn't facing the corner. You can't tell, but the curtains are a dark purple, which is my favorite color. I'm going to move the lights up to the crease of the ceiling and wall, and add my diplomas and other things around the room at some point, but I already love the space and feel that it is more inviting and creative!

Another awesome thing: my book is on the shelf at my local Hastings! It was the coolest experience to go into the bookstore and see my book!

I'm working on getting it into other bookstores, too. Doesn't CUTLASS look great on that shelf?! And in such a good spot, too!

What is your writing space like? What's your favorite thing in it? 


  1. Very lovely! I really like how the bookshelf is centered in the corner w/the desk around it. Love the lamp and I'm a huge fan of white lights. I want to get some for my office soon. And yay- your book in a bookstore! So, so cool.

  2. Ahh, what a thrill to see CUTLASS on the shelves! Love the new writing space too.