Thursday, April 16, 2015

Sometimes I don't know what I'm doing

Hi guys! *waves*

YES. I'm posting on my blogger account. There's a whole dilemma with the WordPress Account that I don't really feel like fixing. haha.

So. I have tons of announcements.

FLINTLOCK is slated to release MAY 25, 2015.

You can sign up for the blog tour (running the May 25th-31st) HERE
You can join my release party for FLINTLOCK HERE
You can request an ARC HERE

I will have a second tour running from June 1-5th, if the May 25th-31st dates do not work for anyone. I'll post that link when I have it.

The first book in my next series NACOMA KNIGHT is up on GoodReads! You can add it HERE.

Here is the blurb:

Anora Silby wants her mother alive again. She’d do anything to feel her touch, hear her voice, and understand the strange circumstances surrounding her death. So when the new kid, Thane Treadway, offers outlandish answers, Anora listens.

Thane believes Anora’s mother had her soul stolen by the Cercatore di Anime, a race of soul eaters. It isn’t until Thane starts forgetting things and having random outbursts of anger that Anora begins to wonder if Thane has personal experience with the Cercatore.

Anora’s search for answers leads her into the center of a mid-world battle between good and evil—the soul and the soulless. Not only that, she is the Eurydice, the only one of her kind who can enter and exit spirit. Her gift makes her a target, and soon Anora finds herself faced with the loss of her mother or the love of her life.

Can Anora see past her grief long enough to make a decision or will she lose everything?
NACOMA will release October 31, 2015!

Lastly, here's a cool DWTS Pirates of the Caribbean dance! I love it!

Also, I'm officially putting my MLIS degree to work today as I start a new job as an IS assistant for my public library system! I'm excited and nervous and all that jazz.

Hope everyone has a great day!!



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