Sunday, August 28, 2011

"I was hiding under the porch because I love you!"

Last night I watched the Disney/Pixar movie UP and it killed me. I cried so much. ughhh.  *spoiler* ....although, I hope all of you have seen it!!

So, all I could think of is how horrible it is to lose someone you love. And it's tough to imagine that pain without actually experiencing it.

It's hard to write things without experiencing them. What's love like? It's abstract until you know the feelings, then you use some sort of metaphor to explain the feelings. While it's abstract, I use movies like UP to figure out how things feel. Like loss, since, fortunately I have no current experience with...and like all of us, hope I don't for a long while.

What was so heartbreaking, however, is all I could imagine is 'what if something happens to my daddy?' how would I feel? Horrible, awful, numb. My daddy is my rock. He encourages me in every way possible, even if he doesn't quite understand what I'm doing.

I've always known I would need someone just like him to keep me going if anything happens to him. Fortunately, I realized last night, my boyfriend is just like him. Weird, isn't it?

Anyways, here's a picture of my Doug. The dog in the movie is named Doug and before I watched UP, I got this dog from my sis when I was having a bad day. Isn't he adorable?!

I hope all of you have someone to make you happy whether your dad, husband, bf, or a wonderful stuffed pet. Or all of them! :)


  1. Aah, this movie. I cried so hard as well <3 It makes my breath catch just thinking about losing the people I love. I've lost both a brother and a nephew, and it's the worst feeling in the world. But if you can write about loss and accurately evoke those feelings, then you know you've got something special.

  2. oh no! I'm sorry for your losses, Lori! :( I've lost a nephew and 2 nieces. I never saw them in person, but it was none-the-less shocking.

    I agree with you, most definitely. Interestingly enough, people can be considered bad writers when it comes to grammar and such, but still evoke crazy emotion.

  3. UP made me cry, too! It was such a great movie, wasn't it?

    I'm happy for you, having a fabulous dad and boyfriend supporting you. I'm fortunate in that way, too, with my family and close friends.

    I think you're right: good movies and books help us sort out our own feelings.

  4. You're not the only one, girl! I cried whlie watching UP at the movie theater. I've lost my grandparents (both sides), and I've lost a cousin who was only 12 when he got hit by a bus. I was 2 years older and had just played basketball with him the day before, so it was a shocker when we got the news. It's hard trying to process what happened, but we humans are made of tougher, more resilient souls, and though we think we can't deal with such tragic events, by God's grace we always manage to survive the heartache.

    It's so sweet to see your love for your Dad (and you're boyfriend);) I love my family and I know how it feels to have people who mean the world to me backing me up.


  5. Oops, sorry for the typos. Hard to type using my iPhone and its silly autocorrect feature, which will be the death of me one of these days...or more specifically, the death of my writing ability. HA!

  6. Oh, I LOVED that movie (particularly the line in your header...)

    It's always good to remember that we need to appreciate those in our life. (I bawled like a baby in UP, too.)

  7. @ Dawn - YES!!! lol. And it is wonderful that we are all blessed with wonderful families and friends!

    @ Cherie - It's so hard to type on an Iphone! But I never notice typos. lol. Aww, thanks! Yep, me and my Daddy are close. I'm so sorry for you losses, it's horrible to deal with sudden death. I can't imagine. :(

    @ Barbara - I know!! That's why I chose the line! I'm glad I'm not the only one who cried the WHOLE way through! No one told me I'd cry like that.