Friday, August 26, 2011

Just wanted to let everyone know...

First of all, you're all beautiful. Yep...all of you, even the men! haha. No, seriously though--every time you look in the mirror, find three traits you love about yourself and focus on them. : )

I'm taking a class over body image versus reality. So, I'm gonna try this and see if I come out feeling better about myself. 

Also, in May of 2012 (after I graduate from University) I get to go to Cuzco and Lima, Peru!

Here's Machu Picchu: 

But by then I'll  have lots of pictures I actually took myself to show you! It's a long way off, but very exciting. My boyfriend's mother's family is from there. I met his aunt and uncle. I speak little Italian and not very well but they said, "We understand your Italian more than your English" hahaha. 

And it's wonderful to see them speak of Machu Picchu. It's such a spiritual can just see the admiration in their features. Just wonderful. 

And so you can imagine how excited I am!! But as of now, I have to go to class. 




  1. Oh, wow! That trip will be so amazing. I'm so excited for you!! :) What a way to celebrate graduation.

  2. That will be a great trip! And fabulous that you'll be graduating!

  3. Lucky you! Sounds like a great trip. Hope you have a blast!