Thursday, August 18, 2011

Query Questions! : 0

Okay...I have a few questions. I finally had some time to go over to Query Tracker and focus on my list of agents.

Up until now, I ignored agents who requested a cover letter...and now I'm trying to figure out the difference in a cover letter and a query. Anyone have examples?! The awesome Derek Flynn has been helping me with this question. (check out the music he posts on his blog, BTW!!!)

Now, I have a few questions, lol.

When agents want a query and author bio, what do you do? What's an author bio? I've always thought the author bio was part of the query...? idk!! Do I tell them what I'd tell them in a cover letter?

"Tell us briefly who you are, what your book is, and why you're the one to write it." <---And this isn't my query letter, but what is this considered? Do you organized based on their needs? *cough, Anita* lol...that's from The Bent Agency website.

I'm lost. : /

So, this is my idea for a new book...the name Soulless keeps popping in my I guess that's the title! lol. Here's the introduction.

Something’s are unpredictable. Like my life, for instance. I'm not supposed to be here. My parents were murdered, my race was butchered until extinction...then there is me. Still breathing and vengeful.
I have one love.
It is for no human.
No immortal.
No living thing.
My love is for one thing--the chase. I hunt a distinct race of Elves called the Bloods, responsible for the extinction of my race. I am their worst enemy. They say I am soulless, I have no sympathy for any age of blood elf, for they only had sympathy for one of my race--and that just so happened to be me.
Who am I?
I am what is called an Arethia.
The only one.
My name is Sia. 

Yep! So...those are my questions and my book idea! : D I hope you like it!! Tell me what you think.


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  2. Absolutely fantastic blog!!! Glad I found it! Love it!!!

    Lola x

  3. Wow, it sounds amazing. That's all I can say.