Monday, June 24, 2013

Makeup Tutorials

Why yes.

I have an obsession with makeup. It began harmless enough, and now it's not so harmless. I don't know why, but I love it all--from the shadows (there's all kinds: shimmery, matte, creams, pencils), to the variety of lip glosses. I'll try everything. I'll also watch tons of makeup tutorials. Not that I try them on myself, but I just like them. I think it's really awesome to watch people put on makeup. To me, it's like artistry....because I mean, you can do A LOT with makeup.

I also happen to like funny makeup videos. Here's one of my favorite:

Did you like the video? It made me laugh so hard! 


  1. What an awesome boyfriend! And frankly, I think he's quite good. Better than me, at least!

  2. I have only scratched hte surface on youtube tutorials. I used one to do the dyed ombre effect on my hair, and I also found some cool ones for styling rockabilly hair.