Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Cutlass Characters Come to Life!

Hi, it's been a while! 
But I had an amazing experience with some awesomely talented people as we shot some photos and video for the Cutlass Trilogy. 

Behind the scenes:

The Group!

Sara (Logan) Being Badass!

Silly Cove (Cain)!

This is the blind leading the blind.

Leaf (Stuart) using technology.

The group again!

Character Portraits:

Barren Reed 

Larkin Lee

Cove Rowell

Sara Rosamund

Leaf Tinavin

This was such a fantastic project. We had so much fun. More photos to come! Tell me what you all think! 


  1. Great pictures! I like the one of "Larkin" best, because that would make a good book cover.

    1. Yes! She was the perfect Larkin! So fierce!