Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sorry, No Dream...

I hear the popular way to write a book now is by dreaming of it...but I didn't dream of mine. Which makes me sad cause that would have been an epic dream!! I don't usually remember my dreams, and if I do, they're about me working at a grocery store (which I do) and checking people out at high speeds.

Basically, I just began writing. I know, not very cool...but still. I had a lot of worlds, characters, and plots in my head. My first Trilogy was called The Secrets of Lweven, it was similar to the epic journey type of Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. I had family trees, maps, lore, races, and languages. It was fun. At the same time, I began writing Cutlass, better known then as The Pirate's Cutlass. (I later decided, for the ease of marketing, Cutlass was simpler, and that The Pirate's Cutlass would work as the Trilogy title).

Anyways. I loved it!! It became my absolute passion and I spent a lot of time writing chapter after chapter of various stories. When I got to High School, my Freshman English teacher introduced me to the Junior English teacher at our school. She read my book and helped me perfect it. (She initially expected to receive my first manuscript and gag but she didn’t, in fact, she thought it was quite good. Looking back, I think it sucked but apparently that’s called potential?)

Over the years, I have not been silent about my wish to be a famous writer. I still have yet to hold true to that promise. Until then, here is a list of my books (even the

The Secrets of Lweven Trilogy
The Secrets of Lweven
The Silvaren Daughters
Elrevion's Guardian

The Pirate's Cutlass Trilogy

Shy Savior Trilogy
Nacoma Knight
Shy Savior (title yet to be found)
Untitled third book (hehe)

Stand-Alone Books

Maybe at some point you'll see all these on the shelf? One can only hope!! :))

Ciao, Ashley

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