Friday, March 11, 2011

And Unattractive Picture....Go!!

This is me editing stuff. 

It's what I hope to be doing over Spring Break, after all my mid-terms, reading, ect. are finished. Anyways. I don't have much to say. Here's a short summary of my book: 

The last place Barren should be is in Maris, a port town with a government notoriously against pirates; the noose around his neck only solidified that fact. As Barren awaits death at the hands of his brother, William Reed, the last thing on his mind is the afterlife. At this moment, Barren’s only concern is the map he doesn’t have— a map to his father’s lost treasure. This treasure, however, is not what Barren expects. It is not gold or silver, jewels or pearls, but a terrible weapon of dark magic, forged in an attempt to kill his own father. Years after his father’s death, the device still lives… and kills. Barren must find it and destroy it in order to save his wife and the entire Elvish race, but destroying a device of dark magic only proves to be more difficult for Barren, especially when a curse of death comes over any who succeeds in destroying it.
I hope you like it. After all, this is what Agents judge my book by.

Ciao, Ashley

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