Monday, January 23, 2012

Getting Into A Rhythm.

That's exactly what I'm trying to do.This post is going to deal with some different things.

Firstly, I'm not one to attempt to formulate advice, really. One thing I'd say to people, however, is that you should always make time to work out. Let me apply this to college. Working out relieves stress. Far better than eating does. Eating will merely make you sluggish. Working out keeps you healthy. I wish I would have had the motivations three and a half years ago. In January 2010 I started filtering workouts into my tight schedule. It worked so well and I felt so good. Then August 2010 came, I had less of a tight schedule and my workouts were sporadic. Weird, huh? Well, now I'm at it once again and I intend to force myself to go until all this is natural again.

Secondly, why am I saying this? Well, I'm trying to find the rhythm for this year. I guess you could say it's a schedule...though not everything I do will be so harshly planned. I think it's more...things I want to get used to doing. Things my body will remind me to do. After a week of working out consistently, my bodies going to say "HEY HEYYYYYY. HEYYYYY!!! Workout time!!" And believe it or not, I was very excited to begin this years focused workouts!

At one time, I had conditioned my body (or mind) to do this very thing with writing. Well, after my three and a half years of school, I've trained my body to not be upset when I don't have to write. I know, I know. It's blasphemy....but writing a 10 page paper about...oh, I don't know...anything academic is pretty draining in itself and hardly leaves you the energy of the CREATIVE energy to be able to focus on your novel.

I've gotten better, though. I can actually hear snippets of writing from some new characters, but I have to make a point of writing and editing when I can. People say...write at least 10 minutes a day....well, honestly, sometimes I don't have ten minutes in a day, but my body is always conscious of the fact that I am a writer and that inspiration is all around me. My body is also conscious of the fact that if I try and force myself to write, ALL my creativity shuts down. Like working out, you really aren't going to do something if you're not motivated, and sometimes, you just aren't motivated.

That's okay. Sometimes you're not motivated for a week, sometimes it's two years before you can put pen to paper or what have you and writing....but at least, after those two years, you're still trying to write.

Now, what would really be a shame would be giving up.

With that being said, I'm off to find a rhythm I can combined my insane amount of school work, job searching, working out and of course, writing into (that includes keep up this blog). Wish me luck! And I wish everyone else luck on finding their own rhythm.

Oh, I got a hair cut and you like?



  1. Finding a rhythm is important if you want the writer in you to be productive. Working out is an excellent way of getting the blood going. With physical activity comes mental sharpness.

    Damn, it sounds like I'm reading fortune cookies.
    Highlights look great! Best of luck Ashley.

    1. This is such a great post and timely for me. I've been struggling to find my rhythm since the beginning of this new year.

      Some things have gone well (walking), but others not so much (writing). I'm not getting discouraged just trying to focus on what I HAVE done.

    2. @Charlie - LOL. Fortune cookies are great! I think I'm managing it! I definitely know I feel better when I workout and that motivates me to do my homework and write!

      @Catherine - You can do it!! I'm in the same boat. Lol. I'm doing well with the working out, but my writing has suffered since I've come to college. I found in August I had a new...motivation, I suppose. Like the fog of academia finally lifted or something. lol.

      Good luck!! :)

  2. Very inspiring post. Life can be very crazy- I feel like I'm moving at the speed of light sometimes and I'd love to just slow down! I agree with the energy boost workouts give, but I struggle with consistency unfortunately. Your hair looks great, by the way:)

    1. Thank you!
      Last semester I struggled with consistency. I also struggle with consistency in writing. :/ Which made me feel like a bad writing! But I think I was trying to make myself writing...and that just kinda...makes your body resist. I hope you get to slow down soon! Unfortunately for me, it's all speed of light until graduation!

  3. You read my mind.
    And yes, I like your hair. :)

  4. Your hair looks great!

    I think I've got the writing rythm, it's the workout rythm I need to get. I'm so bad at that. :)

    1. It's sooo tough! Both of them are, really. As a Freshman, I gave up my homework time to I can't really do that. :/ Good luck on your writing adventures!!

  5. You'll find that perfect rhythm soon.

    And oh my gosh! You are TOO CUTE!! Love the hair and highlights! ;)