Thursday, February 28, 2013


I love journals!

I keep a lot of my writing in journals. The two on the top left are empty (just waiting to be filled!) The three on the top left are filled completely. The two up front are ones I am using currently. The one on the left is a new book I've been brainstorming. The on on the right is for the second book to my pirate series (FLINTLOCK).

Journals are wayyyy better than loose-leaf paper (though, I still use that, too. Here's an outline on my wall):

Anyways. Where do you guys store your work? Other than on the computer, lol. 

Oh, also, I have sent in my form for the Oklahoma Writer's Conference. Anyone else going?


  1. i'm also a journal keeper! I love them. I've kept one since I was 9 and have all of them still (for better or for worse). Such a great way to jot down ideas and keep your memories alive.

  2. Well, you already know I'm going to the conference. I write (and plot) my books in spiral notebooks (so I can yank out a page if I need to).

    That picture of your wall looks exactly how mine did in high school...

  3. I'm going to the conference too, just haven't gotten around to sending in the form.

    I'm experimenting with Evernote now. So far it's blowing my mind. It's basically a journal that you can rearrange and search.

  4. I keep journals too. I like pretty ones that fit in my purse best!

  5. Hmm, only have my writing on the computer. But journals sure are pretty :)