Friday, February 22, 2013

Words from my Daddy

I wanted to share something my Daddy told me the other day. This is him: 

He always talks about the lottery--you know mega-millions, powerball, etc. My Dad's philosophy is "you can't win if you don't play!" 

So he plays. 

I made a comment that the lottery is like trying to snag an agent--a lot of it just seems like chance. That's why we get so easily discouraged. 

My dad responded by saying, "Yeah, but you got one."

He's right. At least I have a chance. I have a chance cause I didn't give up, because I didn't let all the negativity let me down, because I am querying. I know people think I'm crazy for believing I'll be a famous author. Perhaps those people think I'm naive. But it's boring to want to be average. I'm also well aware of how hard it is...and so are many of you. 

So when we talk about querying in terms of our chances, I think we all come out as winners. 

Happy Friday! 


  1. Good advice from your dad! I know I'll never win the lottery because I never play. Well, hardly ever. But with snagging an agent I will be giving that a go! Someday... :)

  2. Great advice, you gotta be in the mix to stand a chance! I'm querying again at the moment so fingers crossed for some positive feedback.

  3. Ohhhh... your dad looks so sweet! I can tell he's a great guy. And love his thoughts---you've GOT to dive in and go for it. Otherwise it's obviously not going to happen. And it CAN happen. We've all just got to keep going, keep working, and keep positive. <3 <3 <3

  4. Dad's are so smart! And he's right. And if you love what you are doing, then never let your measure of success be whether or not you land an agent. Be proud of all of your successes. When you type that last line...know you just finished what some can't even start.

  5. Great post, Ashley! He's right, you can't win if you don't play. And the real fun is in the game, right? :)

  6. I like your winning attitude, Ashley. :)

  7. "But it's boring to want to be average."

    Very well said. Screw mediocrity!

  8. He's so right! Aw, your cute daddy!

    Love that. We are winners. And our stories are wonderful.