Sunday, April 28, 2013

Winner + Writer's Conference!

Okay guys! I am sorry I am behind. The winner of The Iron King is


I have already notified her by e-mail to let her know! Congratulations!!

I have on more book to give away, however, I think I am going to wait and do the giveaway after I come back from Italy. Things have been absolutely insane and this is the first REAL blogpost I've been able to do in a long time.

I'm going to my first writers conference this week! It's the OWFI writers conference in Norman. I have a one-on-one appointment with an agent, and I am super nervous! I am glad it is Friday, and not Saturday, however. I've been getting a lot of help from Rachel Pudelek who has been SO helpful and SO knowledgable with EVERYTHING. She is also newly agented!!!! I'm so happy for her!

Because this is my first time at a conference, I can't imagine how it's going to go. If anything, it's making me feel more amateurish than ever. What's worse is I keep imagining being rejected face-to-face with the agent I chose and I'm not sure how I'm going to react. Usually, I build up adrenaline and then I crash hardcore. I keep telling myself that they are just normal people like me. They're going to be nice, even if they do reject me.

But still. It's hard.

So, how do you prepare for writers conferences?


  1. I don't 'cause I've never been to one. One day.

  2. Have fun at the conference! I haven't been to one in a while but I loved the ones I went to. I came home all ready to write, write, write! :)

  3. I've only been to one conference, though I would love to go to more. Have fun!

  4. Hey:)

    I *love* Writer's Conferences and ALWAYS chat with an agent - ONLY because it gets me out of my comfort zone :)

    GOOD LUCK and give me a shout if you want/need any tips :)