Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A-Z Challenge: C

Day three of the first giveaway week!

Here is your third clue:

Do you like the name Cicero? 


  1. Hmmm, intriguing! The idea of leaving clues is so fun.

  2. I like researching names. For example, we considered naming one of our sons Cameron, but we changed our minds when we found out it meant "Crooked nose."

  3. I'm not quite sure what I am supposed to guess on the giveaway, but I do like the name Cicero. Too bad it has fallen out of "name" favor.

    Popped by from the AtoZ Challenge.

  4. I love the idea of leaving clues. But I am afraid I am at a loss. I don't have any idea what to guess.

    Denise at Organization and Inspiration for Fellow Writers, participant of A to Z Blogging Challenge

  5. It's an awesome name, I like names that take you places when you hear them.

  6. Cicero is from Rome. So does it have something to do with Rome? Now I'm intrigued. Have a great day. I'm a fellow A to Z Challenger stopping by to say "Hi". Have a great day!
    Kathy (794 on the list)

  7. For some reason the name Cicero has always made me think of cysts. So, no, I don't really like it. LOL