Monday, April 1, 2013

A-Z Challenge: A

Okay guys! It's here!! The A-Z Challenge. Remember the rules for my A-Z Challenge book giveaway: 

Every week, I am going to give away a book (that means 4 books total for the month of April). In order to win the book, you guys have to look at the clues I give you and guess the book (they will be anything, words, pictures, quotes, maybe). You have some rules, though! 

Rule #1: The first person to post on the giveaway day will win the book. 
Rule #2: If you've guessed what the book is, you CANNOT guess until Sunday. On Sunday, I will post a blog with all the clues in one blog post. Hopefully it will auto-post at 6:00pm (central time). So, be ready! 

On Monday, I will post the WINNER (which will probably be obvious, lol) as well as where I pulled the clues from. :) 

The weeks will run like this: 

April 1-6 (letters A-F) are clue days; Sunday the 7th is a giveaway day. 

April 8-13 (letters G-L) are clue days; Sunday the 14th is a giveaway day. 
April 15-20 (letters M-R) are clue days; Sunday the 21st is a giveaway day. 
April 22-30 (letters S-Y) are clue days; Wednesday May 1st is a giveaway day. 

Now. All the books I'm giving away have either been mentioned on this blog before OR are on my Goodreads page. 

Now, for your first clue:

A is for AMADIS 

Okay guys. Good luck! :D 

Check out all the other great A-Z bloggers!! 


  1. ok, so this sounds like loads of fun! can't wait to come back for more clues! :D

    here's my first A to Z post. it's not a giveaway, but it is about books:

  2. This is exciting! :) I'll keep checking back. Also, nice blog!
    Happy A to Z!

  3. What a neat concept for A to Z.

  4. I love this creative spin on the A to Z challenge! Great approach.

  5. Very creative and sounds like a lot of fun! Now...the hunt is on :)

  6. Great Challenge for the A to Z!

  7. That is so cool! What a great idea.
    I love the new picture on your blog, by the way. So cool!