Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Character Interview! :D

Interview with my Cove Rowell. :) YAYAY!!!

Cove is the Ambassador of Arcarum, but in his spare time he likes to play traitor and sail around as a pirate. Yep. He's crazy. He gets away with it's the eyes. ;) 

Me: Okay, Ambassador, let's start with the basics. You're a pirate but you're also the Ambassador of Arcarum. You're a walking contradition! You can't do that!

Cove: Contraditions exist, therefore I can be.

Me: *stares meancingly* What I mean did you get invovled in both occupations?

Cove: I was born into them really. I was young when I dicovered my father was both Ambassador and a pirate. For a long time he represented something very corrupt to me and I fell into his same ideas--representing all that way hated of pirates. One day, though, I grew up...I guess and realized my decisions weren't actually mine. They had been my father's...but I didn't want to reprsent what he I changed my definition of what a pirate was.

Me: You didn't feel that the damage was already done? You had murdered people by this point.

Cove: I do not ask for forgiveness. I know my mistakes and live them everyday. All I can do now, however, is live for my future.

Me: What is this definition of piracy you've taken on?

Cove:'s a deep feeling. A connection with the sea. We are bound to her will...she will designate why we sail...when we sail. Everything.

Me: She?

Cove: The Orient.

Me: I see...let's go back to your definition of piracy. If you have a connection with the sea, then you'd merely be a sailor.

Cove: In terms of what we do at sea, I am still considered a pirate--we fight a war against privateers.

Me: Now, these are men hired by the government to sort of...lure pirates.

Cove: Yes, the idea is if you infiltrate the sea with privateers, you have an army that can fight against the pirates. In reality, the privateers become just as corrupt as pirates, more so, in fact. Acts committed by privateers are blamed on pirates--there is no justice. That's where me and my crew come in. In this way, we're still committing illegal acts against the government and therefore, we are pirates.

Me: How do you manage all of this and still remaind Ambassador of Arcarum?

Cove: Parts of my crew do not have to present all the time--two inparticular act as my spies. I would tell you who they were, but that's not helping me very much. As for my job...well, my job allows perfectly for my second occupation--I'm required to travel.

Me:'re also required to keep peace.

Cove: And I do, the quarrels I have with other governments are no worse than they were when my father was alive. And despite their suspicion...many people are afraid to provoke me.

Me: ...can I ask why?

Cove: Well, for a number of reasons: I make sure those governments recieve our aid--both financially and militarily. I am also very well liked by the population. Get rid of me, you have a very unhappy enemies aren't prepared to deal with hostility.

Me: Wow. My mind is blown. What does your wife think of this?

Cove: She...does not consider herself an Ambassador's wife, but a pirate's wife so you tell me.

Me: Very nice, thank you, Cove Rowell!

LOL. I hope you guys enjoyed that! I have sincere respect for Cove Rowell and I am SO happy he lives in my head. lol


  1. Okay - so this was CRUEL. I wanna read this - I started reading it, actually - and said, "WAIT! WHAT ARE YOU DOING! You just met him...don't eavesdrop!"

    So I'm holding off on this. MEAN, I tell you, simply mean. HMPF!

  2. Lol!! It wasn't meant to be mean!!!

  3. Ack! This is ingenious. I totally want to do this now!