Monday, October 3, 2011

Inspiration Mondays: Books

I'm working out the kinks of this Inspiration Mondays thing. I think October should be Book Month where all my inspirations are about books. I'm not going to pinpoint books, but I'm going to list what things renew my inspiration to write.

Oh, and if you haven't already, remember to check out my interview with Barbara Kloss HERE as well as her book, GAIA'S SECRET!

I've been in college for a while. Lol. (Nah, just going on 4 years), but still! Writing has been so difficult, and I had a hard time finding a book that motivated me like Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings.

Now this is really just specific to fantasy novels, really...cause that's my love!

1. I have to be taken to another world.
Not a Dystopian world, not our world with fantastical creatures (urban fantasy). I feel like there is no escape there. This doesn't mean I don't like these types of novels (I loved City of Bones ect.), they just don't inspire me to write as other worlds do! Give me a map. lol.

2. I want to learn things. I want different laws, different ideals, different....everything. I don't want something that I have to live everyday. In other words, I am reading for an escape (that's why I write, too), so I don't want to read my reality.

3. I do not like glaring, shiny love stories. Please. I want some fighting, action, adventure, fun! I mean, if you have a love story..that's great. I love being in love, but I know what it is....if I had wanted that I could have read a romance. It's become a common element in YA fantasy to dominate with love...just cause young adults don't understand it (usually) and get all fuzzy inside when they can read it and feel those feelings...but really...while I'm reading it I'm like 'yeah...I know already...I know...'. Don't get me wrong! Love is fine...moderation is key! Subtle = tension. Tension is good!!

4. I want to love those characters. I mean LOVE them. I want to think about them after I close the book and attempt to sleep and then cannot sleep because I just want to know the rest of the book! Basically, I want them to poke me until I pay attention to them and they can finish the story for me. I <3 this.

5. Most importantly, I want to step away from a novel and go 'Man, I want to create something like that!'. I want to fall in love with MY characters, MY world, MY book all over again! (This is for when I'm in a writing slump...)

Now, these are just my thoughts. I'm a fan of novels that aren't set in this world in ANY form really. Give me a map YOU created. Something I can envision myself, I'll love you!! Although, I'll give anything a chance.

Ohhhkay! Business! hehe. 

I added stuff to my Cutlass Page!! Silliness, really, but that's okay! :D

*clears throat* Why yes, this is my's like 2 weeks old? HURRRTTTT. 3 guesses! What does the 'A' stand for?!?

This is my writer face....'ARGH!!!' 

Did you recognize me?!? This weekend was my writing weekend. ALLL I DID WAS EDIT/WRITE!! That means no makeup face!! whoo. No one ever recognizes me...which is funny, a little insulting. It's whatevs though. hehe.


  1. Beautiful tattoo!!!

    And I couldn't agree with you MORE! (that's why I"m enjoying Cutlass so much...) It's all of the above elements - new world, characters I love, a great balance of love and adventure. I love being transported, and when I am, I am always inspired to create.

    Lovely post!

    ps you don't need makeup, deary

  2. Thanks!!

    I thought about this after reading your book. Had to find common threads that drew me into books. I guess these all kinda seem like givens...but it shocks me that a lot of books don't have these!!

    haha. Thanks...I fear my sleep deprivation makes me look like a zombie. :/

  3. Wow! I totally agree with you on 1 - 5. Love the same things in books.

  4. I love complete out-of-this-world stuff too! I really love Brandon Sanderson. He's epic fantasy with the scope of things like Lord of the Rings. I could escape to his worlds every day!

  5. I completely agree on your list! ESPECIALLY with number three. Give me some action! I need stuff to happen!

  6. @ Krista - yay!! :D

    @ Shallee - I will totally check him out!!

    @ Peggy - I love action. Like the stuff that makes you tense up cause you don't know what's gonna happen! Yep. lol

  7. Great tattoo!! And I agree with all of your points :) Especially the part about love stories..they are just not interesting enough!

  8. Great points! I especially loved what you said about wanting more than the romance. Bring on the action, fun, and adventure. Absolutely.

    Gorgeous tattoo, by the way, and you look fabulous sans makeup.