Saturday, October 29, 2011

Beautiful Blog Award!

Okay, I'm prettyyyy busy with an Art History exam that might just kill me! So, I haven't stuck to my schedule and decided I may not ever stick to it again, LOL.

Okay, now I have received a beautiful blog award from Elizabeth Vardan at Elizabeth Varadan's Fourth Wish and from Eve E over at CluelessEve. Both wonderful, wonderful blogs!

Gosh, it's just soooo pretty!

Okay, so the requirements are:
1. Thank the peeps who gifted the award! :D
2. Gift the award to 15 recently discovered bloggers!

The Written Word 
All About Growing Up and Becoming a Famous Author
Conceive Writing
Have You Heard
Spoiled Much
Something To Write About
Scribbles N Jots
Inner Owlet
Life. Unordinary
I Take the Pen
Treasure Hunting Through Young Adult Fiction
Writer's Ramblings
Cold As Heaven
Write On!

WOW! Okay, that was lovely. <3

Now. I also received another blog award:

This is from Krista over at I Take the Pen! Thank you very much! And make sure you check out her wonderful blog! I always enjoy heading over there!

Okay...well, I'm supposed to say 7 things about myself and nominate 15 people for this blog. Well, the 15 people I just mentioned are so awesome, they deserve this award too, so all you guys get this one too! Except, of course, Krista, who I tagged in the previous award. :D

So...we all know I'm not keen on 7 things about myself so I'll tell you 7 things about my boyfriend.

1. That's shaving cream on his face. Yes, I did it. lol.
2. He knows sign language and Spanish.
3. His parents are deaf.
4. He is Peruvian and Cuban
5. He has been to Paris, Italy, Peru, Germany...and a lot of other places. lol.
6. He likes Hip Hop.
7. If he were any more laid back, he'd be dead.

<3 To you all!


  1. Congrats, Ashley (and to the other deserving nominees)! And my goodness your sweetie is purdy. Hee. LOOK at that head of hair!!

  2. Congrats on your awards, Ashley! Aladdin is pretty cool. You guys are so cute together! ;)

  3. LOL. Thanks guys! He's a sweetie! And he DOES have a ton of hair!! OMG. Get some interesting hair cuts! I hope you guys had a wonderful Halloween!!

  4. Wow! Yay for you and thanks for passing one on to me! You're awesome!