Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone had a great Halloween! I sure did! I carved some pumpkins, first time in my life! I don't have pics, sadly. :/

Aladdin and I dressed up! He was Aladdin last year, but this year he was Pacha from the Emperor's New Grove!

We put a llama on his poncho, it could either have been Cuzco or he could just say he was a Peruvian if people didn't know who he was! But they did!!

I also made more shirts!!

Okay!! That's my update! I'm off to write out history essays for my exam Friday and write a history paper!



  1. LOVE the emperors new groove! And the great pumpkin! Looks like you had a great Halloween :)

  2. Me too! Squeak, squeak, squeakens, squeak. That's all I have to say. :)

  3. Love this post!! Hope you had an amazing Halloween hun!

  4. Great pictures! It looks and sounds like you had a great Halloween! And you even carved pumpkins--always fun.

  5. I'm happy you had fun! Carving pumpkins is awesome! I made roasted pumpkin seeds for the first time! I love Halloween. Hey, do you have any gray Cutlass shirts? If not, then I want you to keep aside a medium one for me, how much are they?

  6. The Emperor's New Groove is h.i.l.a.r.i.o.u.s. Ya'll look great :)