Friday, October 28, 2011

Writer Resources

 OVERDUE came up with a great idea! List 3 writer resources and tag a few more writers so they can share theirs.

Well, I must confess...I'm not one who actually searches for a lot of writing resources. What I do is research writers, figure out how they write, how they got published, their struggles. I research agents and figure out their tips for writers, they are, after all, who we depend on for a book deal. So, these are the blogs I constantly read:

Kristin Nelson's Blog: Pub Rants

This is Kristin Nelson's blog. She is a literary agent over at Nelson Literary Agency, LLC.
What I find most helpful about her blog: She uses real examples of query letters and then explains why they were good letters. Now, a lot of people do this, but hers were the first I found and I actually used this post on her Blog Pitch Workshop so I could figure out how to begin writing a query.

Nathan Bransford
Nathan Bransford was a Literary Agent at Curtis Brown LLC, but now he's an author! And man...he has so many resources. What I especially like are his posts over self-publishing. He has a list of PUBLISHING ESSENTIALS, among my favorite posts are:
How to Write a Synopsis
10 Commandments for the Happy Writer
Book Publishing Glossary
Writing Advice Database

Last and surely not least is any type of author site. Here are a few I have read bios of and found just by stumbling around:

SO why do I look at author sites? Well, I want to know how long it took them to get published. What it took, what is their advice to us? I need to know these things. I need to know that Neil Gaiman was rejected a million times before he was published because that makes me strive harder to have a pile or rejections because maybe, at some point, I'll be published too. These give you hope. And they also help with write resources and advice.

I'd like to tag 3 people to share their resources:

A.M. Supinger
Anita Howard



  1. Thanks for the tag, sweets! And you have great resources there. ;)

    Have a lovely, spooky weekend!!

  2. Nathan's site is great for all things writing. Long time follower of his.

  3. Check out Elzabeth S. Craig's site, Mystery Writing is Murder. She is full of great tips and runs the Writer's Knowledge Base, which is overflowing with tips!

  4. Haha. Thanks for the tag! I feel bad because I still haven't gotten around to your inspirational meme yet. EEK! But I have it in my blog file (yes, I'm that anal) and will get to it one of these days.:) And I'll get to this one too. Great idea! Thanks!!