Thursday, May 19, 2011

And then there were...less chapters.

I'm cutting chapters so my word count goes down! I really like the way my first five chapters are turning out! yay! I guess I never knew exactly how many words YA books were supposed to be, I just assumed fantasy had a huge word count, lol. I guess agents react the same way some readers do: they see a huge book and think, "oh, man, I don't know about that!"

Thanks for all the feedback guys! It's been very, very helpful! That's why I love my followers!!

My internet connection keeps making my computer crash, therefore, I will probably resort to going to the library once a week to post blogs and keep up with everyone. :( sigh. That's what I get for living in a forest! Tomorrow, I am going to see Pirates of the Caribbean, and I am also going to ice skate!! Fun, fun!!


  1. I'm growing more and more excited to one day read Cutlass. D:

  2. Cutting words is an important part of the process. Happy editing!

  3. Hi, Ashley! Nice to meet you. Yeah I know if my word count is getting up there that I have to wrap up the story or change some things around. It's good to know the word count before writing to keep yourself in check.

  4. Aja - Thanks!! I can't wait either!!

    Thank you, Kayeleen.

    Pk - it's nice to meet you, too! I'm so glad you found me! :D I wish I had realized this before, lol, then I would have kept it in check before, but I kept thinking it was too short!

  5. Congrats on all the cut wordage! I'm doing the same things right now. So sorry about your computer. EEK. Keep up the good work, girl!

  6. Have you thought of making your one large book into two small ones with a cliff-hanger ending for the first? Just a thought. You have a fun, engaging blog.

    I have a full out for my YA urban fantasy, THE LEGEND OF VICTOR STANDISH. Keep your fingers for mine, and I'll keep mine crossed for yours, Roland

  7. Sounds like you're enjoying your vacation--except for the computer issues!

    Glad to hear you're happy with cutting chapters. Sometimes it's hard to be objective after you've worked on something so hard.

  8. Thanks, Anita!

    Roland - I definitely will!! :) And thank you for your suggestions, and your compliment! I appreciate them!

    Dawn - It is hard, and it's taken me forever to actually begin cutting them, but sadly, it must happen. However, I keep everything I cut in documents. Maybe I can use them later.