Monday, May 9, 2011

Query Continued!

Okay! Thank you to Lori M. LeeKeyeleen Hamblin, and Medeia Sharif for your critiques! Also, thank you to everyone who posted on my query post!! You definitely encouraged me!

I hope this query clears up some of the questions you guys had. I think it gets more to the real conflict of the story! There are several.  

The last place a pirate should be is the town of Maris, the noose around Barren Reed's neck only reminds him of that fact, but rather than concerning himself with the afterlife, his thoughts are on the whereabouts of his father's lost treasure.
After Barren is rescued from his death, he flees from Maris in search of his father's treasure. Along the way, he will discover love and hatred really are everlasting, even after death. Barren’s journey puts him in the middle of a lover's quarrel between his mother and father years after their death.
Barren learns the treasure he is searching for is actually a device of dark magic forged by his mother, Sysara to kill Barren's father, Jess. The device was disguised as a crystal heart and remained uncorrupt in the beginning. Given to Jess, the device was meant as a symbol of their love, but Jess betrayed Sysara and so the curse befell Jess. In fear, the pirate buried the device on the island of Arurm. There it remained, pumping its corruption into the land, and infecting the lives of the elves.
In order to save his wife, and the elves, Barren must destroy the device.  There's only one problem: a curse of death comes to any who succeeds in destroying the devise. Barren must choose to save himself or everyone else.

I wanted to say this because there were a lot of question as to why Jess's treasure was called a treasure because of it being a killing device. Barren watched his brother kill his father and take a map Jess had. Barren can only assume that the 'device' is a treasure because he doesn't know what it is. He does, however, have a feeling it isn't gold because of the dreams he's been having. 

Also, Maris is specifically intent on destroying pirates because the King of Maris is Barren's Uncle, the Ambassador, William, is Barren's brother, and Lord Lee is Kiera's father (Barren's wife). They all have reasons, since they have a political affiliation, to see Barren dead, he's slowly ruining their reputation because of the havoc he wrecks at sea upon government ships

There is actually a government in my book who is accepting of pirates. That is the government of Arcarum who is basically made up of pirates. The pirates attempt to maintain a majority in Arcarum so they may do as they please (This is done in a rather...classy way, I think lol). However, in my book, piracy (even for Barren) takes on a different definition. It becomes more of a passion for sailing, and a passion for the sea, than an attempt to raid her of her wealth. In effect, Barren and the government of Arcarum have become the pirates who fight those who wish to bring harm to the sea (The Orient has a  mind of it's now), consequently, it is the government of Maris that does harm to The Orient.  See, it relates to the previous paragraph, lol. 

I really, really hope that made sense! There's a lot going on in my book because it's a Trilogy. The word count is a little high, but I'm still editing and trying to break it down. I really hope this extra information will help you guys, maybe you can see where I'm going and what I need to add since I can't really. lol. 

Thank you again!!! 


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